Is the Buzzbreak App a Scam?

scam buzzbreak app

New to the Buzzbreak app? Want to know if this application is fraudulent, dangerous and unsafe for our cellphones, or can it really make dollars and free credit from the internet?

Some of the questions that will always be asked by many Android smartphone users when they know the above similar application and want to download are whether it is fraud, is it dangerous or safe for our cellphones, and the most rarely asked is whether it is halal or haram.

The Buzzbreak application is a paid news reading application that can indeed generate free money and credit, such as the application made in China, BeritaSaku and the Interesting News application, which some time ago had a boom and had many users.

The way it works or the system can be said to be 85% the same, namely users will be paid in the form of coins which can later be exchanged for money or credit just by reading news articles, watching advertising videos, and inviting friends.

So is Buzzbreak a Scam?

buzzbreak payment

For now, it can’t be said absolutely that the Buzzbreak application is a 100% scam, because from what SampinganOnline has seen and has often observed, it will usually take months.

Because based on the experience of admins who have observed this type of application, usually the manager will initially always pay all the users as one of the incentives so that users want to do promotions and invite other potential users as much as possible.

However, when the manager feels that he has suffered a loss between the costs incurred and the income or income sourced from advertisements is not comparable, usually the manager will start committing fraudulent actions or what is usually referred to as a scam, a scam application that does not pay.

One of the things that managers do most often is to deactivate the user account and forfeit all the point balances that have been received on the grounds that the user has committed fraudulent practices.

Indeed, sometimes there are also many naughty users who commit fraudulent practices such as creating large numbers of accounts which are then used to register through themselves, but there are often cases of honest users who did not commit any fraudulent acts being accused of cheating even without any evidence of cheating such as who have experienced SampinganOnline several times even though they have a fairly large point balance.

Is the Buzzbreak application safe and harmless to our smartphones ..?

It is safe as long as the application is downloaded and installed through the official Google Play Store application store or the App Store for iPhone smartphones, although sometimes there are also cases of applications that carry AdWare and even viruses that can pass through the Google Play Store.

However, it will be much more dangerous when downloading the Buzzbreak application from an unknown source in the form of an APK file which is usually edited and infiltrated by certain programs.

Is Buzzbreak Halal..?

Although the question about the halal-haram of an application that can make money is rarely asked, but still, there are always those who ask it.

And please note that the way Buzzbreak works is that users will be paid to read news articles, watch advertising videos, and invite others to join. And the source of profit or income from the Buzzbreak manager is from the ads in the application.

But unfortunately, based on the experience of SampinganOnline who has tried this application directly, the video ad content that appears is not far from online gaming and gambling applications.