Lafadz Intentions to Take a Puerperal Shower After Giving Birth for 40 Days Maternity Exactly

Lafadz Intention to Take a Puerperal Shower After Childbirth, Wiladah, Maternity 40 Days Correct – Mandatory bathing is a bath that is carried out with the aim of eliminating large hadast, whether it is caused by menstruation or because of the discharge of semen caused by lust, this obligatory bath is the same as the others, namely cleaning all members with water and soap, the only difference being is in the intention alone.

Nipas is blood that comes out of a woman’s womb after giving birth, this postpartum blood is blood that doesn’t come out or is retained during pregnancy, so there are 4 cases that are punished for postpartum blood.

  • All the blood that comes out in the sixty days
  • Bleeding before the end of the 15 day period after giving birth is perfect
  • Bleeding right after giving birth
  • The two bloods are not separated by 15 days
Lafadz Intention to Take a Puerperal Shower After Childbirth, Wiladah, Maternity 40 Days Correct

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So that if a woman has reached the things above, then she must take a obligatory bath while saying Lafadz Intention to Take a Mandatory Bath After Postpartum Correctly, such as after postpartum blood, menstruation and wiladah.

The limit for the fastest parturition is just a drop and the maximum limit is 60 days, whereas in general a woman expels her puerperal blood for 40 days and the postpartum period is calculated from the time the baby’s body comes out of the woman’s womb, while the time between the baby’s discharge and the puerperal blood discharge is called the holy period, as for the procedure for obligatory bathing after childbirth, the same as obligatory bathing after menstruation.

الْغُسْلَ لِرَفْعِ الْوِلاَدَةِ للهِ الَى

Naawaitul Ghusla Lirof’il Hadasil Wiladati Lillahi Taalaa

It means :
I intend to take a bath to eliminate hadast wiladah because of Allah taala

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