Latest Android Game Review 2018 Shadowgun Legend

Latest Android Game Review 2018 Shadowgun Legend

Latest Android Game Review 2018 Shadowgun Legend – A game titled RPG Shooter Online called Shadowgun Legends is a game that gamers have been waiting for a long time. This game by presenting many interesting features will satisfy the adventurous spirit of the players. Moreover, in collecting combat equipment or weapons that are very large with hundreds of missions.

And this game can also be played with friends and it’s a shame if you also don’t enjoy the beauty of this one game. In the storyline, humanity is being attacked by a very deadly alien invader and Shadowgun is the last line of defense, namely legendary warriors or heroes. The player’s task is to recruit a young Shadowguna with unlimited potential.

Latest Android Game Review 2018 Shadowgun Legend
Latest Android Game Review 2018 Shadowgun Legend

Son of some of the features below you will be more curious to play this game, such as:

-THRILING STORY CAMPAIGN, where you have to save humanity from the alien invaders, in the Story Epic which includes more than 200 missions on four planets.

– CO-OP MISSIONS AND RAID are missions to defeat enemy bosses namely giants and take legendary glory and loot. You have to team up with up to three friends to defeat the boss.

– REAL-TIME PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER TEAM BATTLES. In this game you also compete against each other and your task is to fight against competitors in unique multiplayer game modes and various PvP arenas.

– RPG AND CUSTOMIZATION ELEMENTS where you choose from over 600 unique weapons including pistols, Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, Heavy Machine Guns, sniper rifles and rocket launchers. Collect over 1000 pieces of armor and create your own armor set and much more.

– INNOVATIVE SOCIAL FEATURES which are features to interact with other players such as chatting, creating battle squads and forming builds, parties, accepting missions etc.

– UNIQUE REWARD SYSTEM is a feature that can make you a celebrity from Shadowgun Universe. You will get rewarded for the way you play the game. The more famous you are, the more the world will react to your actions. Wow that’s right.

So, don’t hesitate to play this one game. This free game will take you into the world of RPPS FPS which is full of features and battles with scary aliens, scary Torments and rampages throughout the Galaxy and destroys everything. You will also be challenged to continue playing especially this game has sophisticated graphics. With a high rating this game has fascinated 180 million players around the world. Let’s immediately enjoy this game with the requirements of Android OS 6.0 and above and good cellphone performance so that the game runs smoothly.