Latest Android Game Review 2018 Tekken Mobile

Latest Android Game Review 2018 Tekken MobileLatest Android Game Review 2018 Tekken Mobile – Bandai Namco is back with a super cool game that gamers really like. This game, which is often called Tekken Mobile, is given for free, although initially many game observers thought this game would be priced very high, but on the contrary, this game can be played for free without spending any money.

For those of you who just want to play this Tekken Mobile game, then you will be faced with tutorials on how to play it starting from how to fight, hover to various kinds of combos. Since the tutorial, you have been faced with a beautiful game from this game. The more curious it is to play this game. Let’s continue the review.

After completing the next tutorial you play story mode. In one story mode you will be faced with several parts and each part has a unique boss and maybe you have to be serious to win the match. The first boss to face first is named Paul.

Latest Android Game Review 2018 Tekken Mobile

In terms of gameplay, the brutal touch of the Tekken Mobile game seems to still maintain the Tekken touch that you’ve played so far. When we play this Tekken Mobile game, you will feel the movement of heavy characters but balanced by extraordinary punches and kicks just like playing the console version of Tekken. The point is Bandai Namco will make you fall in love with playing this game.

Latest Android Game Review 2018 Tekken Mobile

Continue your game by enjoying the features provided in this game. Collect more than 20 characters with cool and unique fighting styles, you can also upgrade and unlock more than 20 unique special moves for each character you choose. Complete Story Modem missions, battle online in Dojo Challenges and play live event challenges (Live Events).

Speaking of specifications or general requirements to play this game is Android 5.0 with 2 GB RAM and CPU Samsung Exynos 8890 or Qualcomm Snapdargon 820 or higher. To get this game, you can surf the Google Play Store by searching for Tekken Mobile and install it on your cellphone and enjoy the excitement of this game.

The Tekken Mobil game to date has received a 4-star rating from its fans, which indicates that this game is very popular, not to mention the comments from gamers who admire this game so much. So don’t hesitate anymore with this Tekken Mobile game to fill your bored days. Have a nice play.