Latest Android Game Review September 2018 ShellFire

Latest Android Game Review September 2018 ShellFire

Latest Android Game Review September 2018 ShellFire – Various game genres continue to be released in these months and one of the newly released games is very exciting to play for game lovers. The game is ShellFire which is a combined MOBA and FPS game released by DuniaGames.

According to the information we got from DuniaGame, ShellFire comes with various game modes equipped with different objects. In this game you will compete in 5v5 like MOBA in general but the appearance in this game is like an FPS game. It looks like it’s really fun when you play it.

Teamwork with a balanced role composition is needed once in this game, therefore each Hero in ShellFire has its own role. Starting from attack, defense, tanks to support must be balanced. The ideal composition usually in this is with 2 attacks or vice versa, namely defense then 2 tanks and 1 support.

Latest Android Game Review September 2018 ShellFire

Not only that, DuniaGame has also created this game with unique things, such as players who can change different heroes at will, unlike other MOBA games, which are usually only allowed to choose a hero once after the game ends and then they can replace them. Of course, this feature has its own uses where players can balance the game and can also turn things around.

For the success of playing the ShellFire game, of course, there must be really neat and compact teamwork and coupled with your skills in targeting the enemy. Indeed, the ShellFire game has not yet been released in Indonesia, but it is certain that it will be released soon considering that games with this genre are very popular in Indonesia.

DuniaGame itself provides a pre-registration period for users who want to register first. Not only that, every registrant will get attractive prizes when this game is released. Registrants will receive an exclusive email when the game is officially released in Indonesia. You can register via the link provided on the DuniaGames page.

How are you curious about this MOBA and FPS game, just wait a little longer. Yes, maybe that’s all the information we can convey to you. We hope you enjoy the information we provide and see you soon.