Latest features of android 11

Latest features of android 11


Android 11 is the latest version of the Android operating system in which there are many very interesting new features. Android 11 brings the following features.

1. Bubbles

Latest features of android 11 The bubbles that are presented are part of Android 10 where the appearance of the chat heads is reminiscent of Facebook’s features. Bubbles is a new working interface (UI) for messaging apps. With features bubbles, users can open one to three conversations at once.

The latest feature of android 11 bubbles is currently only available for users who usedownload Android’s default messaging app. But don’t worry, this feature is also very possible to be presented in several applications such as Whatsapp, Signal, and others.

2. Conversations

Latest features of android 11 this is called conversations which is almost similar to bubbles. Feature conversations can bring up a conversation message in the notification area. Messages that enter and appear in the notification area will later be adjusted to the application. This feature will make it easier for users to communicate and reply to incoming messages.

3. App Permissions

This new feature provides options in licensing issues for apps that want to access certain features on a smartphone, apps that usually need permissions are camera, microphone, and location data. App permission can make device users are much more protected.

4. Screen recording or screen recording

Latest features of android 11 This was actually presented in the Android 10 beta version, but was removed. In Android 11, this feature is again presented with a more attractive appearance than before.

5. Dark mode

On android 11, minor updates like dark mode were also noticed. This dark mode can turn on automatically.

Well, that’s the newest feature of Android 11 which is very cool and innovative presented by the Android operating system. You can enjoy these features to your heart’s content if you are an Android 11 user.

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