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Latest Xiaomi Drone Prices and Specifications 2019 – Surely you know that Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone brands in the world?

This brand so quickly gained enthusiasm from its requesters. Because, with premium-class features and quality, Xiaomi dares to sell its smartphones at very low prices.

In addition to making smartphones at very low prices, Xiaomi also turns out to produce a drone at a low price for its class. This drone was released in its home country, China and produced by a division under the auspices of the Xiaomi business.

There are so many drone productions currently circulating in the market, such as DJI, Xiaomi Drones or other brands. For what we discuss this time, the Xiaomi Mi Drone camera has a fairly low price compared to its rivals.

What you need to know Mi Drone has 2 versions of Mi Drone, namely Mi Drone with 1080p HD Camera and also Xiaomi Mi Drone with 4K UHD camera completeness. what distinguishes it from the Xiaomi Drone type variant is only the camera, so the drones and other equipment are the same.

Xiaomi Mi Drone.

This Xiaomi Mi Drone is designed for beginners who are learning to control drones but is also very suitable for professionals, to make it easier to use the Xiaomi Mi Drone is equipped with interesting features such as flying the drone to defecate to a point or creating your own route and has an orbit mode for around a certain object.

For those of you who are interested in owning this Xiaomi Mi Drone, you don’t need to spend a lot of money because usually this kind of drone has a price above $1000, but the Xiaomi Mi Drone itself has a price below Rp. 10 million. The following are the prices and specifications of the latest Xiaomi Drones 2019

Harga Xiaomi Mi Drone

  • Xiaomi Mi Drone 1080p FHD | Rp. 5,250,000
  • Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K UHD | Rp. 7,000,000

Xiaomi Mi Drone Specifications

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