Learn how to Examine RAM Slots on Laptops with out Disassembling

Need to improve your laptop computer’s RAM or reminiscence however do not know if the empty slot remains to be obtainable? You need to disassemble the laptop computer to examine it?

Wait a minute, there’s a sensible solution to examine the supply of an empty RAM slot on a laptop computer, a method is by utilizing the CPU-Z software.

Despite the fact that most factory-built laptops have at the least one empty slot for upgrading or including RAM, must you examine whether or not the empty slot remains to be obtainable? It is a disgrace if you happen to purchased new RAM but it surely seems that the slot is full.

Listed here are the steps to examine the supply of laptop computer RAM slots utilizing CPU-Z:

1. Obtain CPU-Z by way of the next hyperlink https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html

2. Set up CPU-Z in your laptop computer.

3. Open the app then choose the tab SPD.

On the Reminiscence Slot Choice menu, please click on the down arrow, if there’s multiple alternative, it implies that there are multiple RAM slot. If every little thing shows RAM specification data subsequent to it, it means all slots are full, you’ll be able to not add RAM for improve functions.

However, if solely slot #1 shows RAM data, you should use the second and so forth slots.

Up right here you’ve got data on the RAM slots which might be used or obtainable.


  • Take note of the RAM data if you’ll add RAM to the obtainable slots. Equate it with the slot specs, for instance DDR3 means it’s important to use DDR3 sort RAM. In case you have a DDR4 slot, you even have to make use of DDR4 sort RAM.
  • Additionally take note of the kind of RAM clock. Within the instance above is the PC-8500. you can purchase RAM with the identical clock, the next clock is okay however it will likely be just a little ineffective as a result of the working system will alter all RAM clocks based on the smallest clock, the smaller the clock, the slower the information studying course of in RAM.
  • The CPU-Z software is mainly to research machine element specs, particularly the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Not solely checking slots, you may as well do CPU Monitoring and Benchmarking.