Let’s Build Excellent Human Resources by Showing Your Hand!

The progress of a nation is determined by the younger generation who have the opportunity to develop better. However, the facts on the ground show that Indonesian children still lack adequate nutrition and education. In an effort to support children to grow with maximum human potential, SGM Eksplor launched the # AyoTunjukTangan Bersama 2 Million Mothers for Advancement Indonesia program, which is a progressive step to invite all levels of society to support Indonesian children in getting proper nutrition and education.

As a blogger who actively writes in the media, I participated in the SGM Eksplore Zoom Meeting program which was held on August 16, 2021. There are many media colleagues and bloggers who take part in this fun and useful activity. Guided by Novita Angie, the zoom meeting went smoothly. Moreover, I was able to meet virtual with two idol character players, Reza Rahadian and Allysa Soebandono. There is also Kak Seto who is known to be active and consistent in developing the interests of children in Indonesia, you know!

The launch of the #Let’sTunjukTtangan Social Movement in 2021

Based on the zoom meeting held by SGM Eksplor, I took many benefits from the various things presented below:

1. The Purpose of the Movement Let’s Show Hand

PT. Sari Husada Generation Mahardhika has been present in Indonesia for more than 65 years in order to present and develop nutritional products that can help children grow and develop. In the spirit of celebrating the 76th independence of the Republic of Indonesia with the theme ‘Resilient Indonesia, Growing Indonesia’, SGM Eksplor hopes that there will be no Indonesian children who lack access to nutrition and education in order to reach advanced generations in the future. Therefore, SGM Eksplor invites the #AyoTunjukTtangan social movement to create a more advanced future generation.

2. Children need to get their rights

The material presented by Kak Seto as an observer and friend of Indonesian children is very useful in this zoom meeting. As the Head of LPAI, Kak Seto has unquestionable understanding and experience in his field. This time, the theme is how children feel protected and get their rights.

Every child has the right to life, the right to maximum growth and development or the right to access proper nutrition and education, the right to protection or the right to be protected from the risk of crime, and the right to participate or have their voice heard. Of course, this requires the support of various parties who play an important role in supporting the rights of the child, starting from parents, teachers, schools, government, and the private sector.

Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 children in Indonesia still lack access to nutrition and education, so many cases of children’s rights are not fulfilled. Therefore, the #AyoTunjukTangan program for mothers supports the progress of Indonesian children more optimally. A program that can help realize Indonesia as a child-worthy country or idol in 2030 and Indonesia Gold in 2025.

3. Mission to support Indonesian children to progress

All children who come from any background have the right to achieve their dreams. This is what SGM Eksplor emphasizes in advancing the generation of advanced children with the #AyoTunjukTangan social movement. Especially during this pandemic, the fact is that 9 out of 10 Indonesian children have difficulty accessing nutrition and higher education.

SGM Eksplor’s support is expected to provide hope for Indonesian children during the COVID-19 pandemic with various programs ranging from nutritional products, access to education for Indonesian children and proper educational facilities in the form of free internet, smartphone media and PAUD renovation. The facilities provided by SGM Eksplore are expected to be useful for children and parents in Indonesia.

4. Invitation to donate to support the progress of Indonesian children

SGM Eksplore invites all mothers in Indonesia through the social movement # AyoTunjukTangan Together with 2 Million Mothers for Advancement in Indonesia to be able to provide more tangible support through the donation program. Donation support will be channeled for nutritional support to help 75 thousand Indonesian children in need, online education scholarship support for 1.5 thousand children who experience challenges in accessing proper education and support to help improve educational facilities in Indonesia.

5. Sharing experiences with Reza Rahadian and Alyssa Soebandono

The zoom meeting with SGM Eksplor really provided insight and additional knowledge about the direct experience of actor Reza Rahadian who also works as a social activist. The experience of the actor who saw firsthand the condition of children in Eastern Indonesia who experience malnutrition, inadequate educational facilities, poorly maintained sanitation systems, and difficulties with other facilities, but have high enthusiasm to realize their dreams.

According to Alyssa, who is not only an actress, but a young mother of two who supports the growth and development of children by providing optimal nutrition. Good nutrition can help children become superior human resources and be able to go through more successful stages in the future.

The summary of activities during the SGM Eksplore zoom meeting provides tremendous benefits for the lives of mothers throughout Indonesia. It is our hope that mothers realize the importance of providing maximum nutrition and access to education so that children can realize their dreams and aspirations. Come on, make the #AyoTunjukTangan movement a success for Indonesian children by donating as much as possible through the SGM Eksplore program, supported by related partners!