Libraries / Packages that must be installed in termux

Termux package, as in other operating systems, we need certain applications such as notepad etc., in the termux application, we also need what is called the Reposite package (Additional Reposite package)
or usually called library in termux

because the Termux application uses the Linux operating system (Debian / Ubuntu), we need to download various additional applications (Reposite) to run properly and smoothly,
e.g. Reposite package nano, an application for editing files, on a window system such as a Notepad/editor application

All activities Install package / library termux, we must enter the command pkg install (followed by the package name). e.g. install package python ,

can type apt-get install python or pkg install python

if you have installed the termux package, we don’t need to do it if you have installed the package again

What is Termux Package?

Package Termux is a library of certain application groupings and the organization of interface classes that are grouped into a single unit in the library. Packages also affect the access rights mechanism to the classes in it.

The termux package is often called a repository or library or also a complement to termux.
for example we want to run python or php files, we need to install python and php repoite libraries by installing package name python and php

After all the mandatory packages are installed, you only need to enter the git clone command every time you will clone the termux script. This can speed up your activities. Because in general, the scripts in termux use the package. Here are the most frequently used termux packages:

The package must be installed in the termux application

The package must be installed in the termux application

The following is the package name (library ) that is often installed the first time when installing the termux application, you need to install the package below

  • Command code Install package Package termux : pkg install [nama paket]
  • Command code Remove package: pkg uninstall [nama paket]
  • Command code List all packages: pkg list-all

How to install termux package

pkg install python
pkg install php
pkg install nano
pkg install git
pkg install wget
pkg install toilet
pkg install curl
pkg installl jq

pkg install git
pkg install clone

Actually there are many other important packages. But the package above is enough to use for beginners

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Additional Information package name Termux

don’t forget to update and upgrade the package name that you have installed, just like in the application, the package must be updated frequently at least once a month, to get better performance

Command code (command line ) to update and upgrade the termux package
apt updates ; apt upgrade -y

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that’s all, hope you learn