Microsoft Will Still Compete In The Smartphone Market

Microsoft Will Still Compete In The Smartphone MarketMicrosoft has recently released the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update for supported devices. It is known from checking WinPoin that previously Microsoft has promised to do a major update and with the presence of Windows 10 Mobile Creators this is proof.

Indeed, the presence of this update makes us wonder what about the future of smartphones with the Windows 10 operating system, whether Microsoft will give up competing in the smartphone market or still want to continue, considering that Microsoft itself has experienced a setback in terms of competition in smartphones.

But quickly Satya Nadella who is the CEO of Microsoft stated in his interview session. Satya said that Microsoft will still make smartphones but the designs they don’t want to make are like smartphones today.

In this presentation, Satya emphasized that if currently many are asking whether Microsoft will return to making smartphones, then he believes that they will make more phones in the future, but they will not make the same as today’s smartphones.

It can be concluded that the statement from Satya that in the future the Microsoft mobile division will most likely be united with the Surface brand and the smartphones that are being worked on will not be like most smartphones at this time, which in essence is likely to come with a design that has been rumored before, namely a foldable design.

So, Microsoft smartphone lovers, you don’t need to be sad, as it was previously reported that Microsoft will stop from the smartphone world and in fact Microsoft is still rising. Let’s just wait for the next rumors related to the latest Microsoft smartphone.

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