MOBROG Scam or Really Paying Expensive Dollars?

mobrog fraud paid dollars

Have you ever signed up for MOBROG? This survey company, which mostly uses English, can be said to be one of the online survey companies that dares to pay dearly to every registered member who wants to participate in every survey program it is holding.

Payments in the form of dollars given by MOBROG per one time participating in the survey range from $0.50 to $3, or which when converted to Indonesian rupiah is around Rp.7,500 to Rp. 45,000.

Even though it has actually been around for a long time, MOBROG Indonesia is not very popular and many have registered, and this is because the availability of the Indonesian version of the site does not exist, and even though you are a special subdomain for Indonesia, the content still uses English.

This shows that the MOBROG online survey prioritizes survey participants who come from people who are educated or at least can understand and understand English a little, therefore MOBROG dares to pay more when compared to the average payment of online survey companies.

MOBROG fraud or proven to pay?

MOBROG is a service provided by a market research company called SPLENDID RESEARCH GmbH who comes from Germany, and conducts surveys around the world, including Indonesia via the Internet via a web browser or MOBROG App via a mobile application for Android smartphones.

Frankly, the admin has also just registered on this site so he has not been able to provide a detailed review related to the MOBROG survey and also various other more complete experiences.

However, from the results of a simple analysis that the admin has done, MOBROG is worthy of your trust and there is no need to think of it as a fraudulent online survey or scam that will not pay members or members later.

MOBROG site has been active since 8 years ago

proof of fraud on the scamadviser site

Based on data sources from the Scamadviser site, the site url domain with the address has been around for more than 8 years. And of course this is one of the real evidence that this site is not a scam site.

MOBROG is available for dozens of countries around the world

survey mobrog english

Although most of the content is in English, the site also has several other language options, such as German, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, and others.

And from its main site it provides special subdomains for registrar management survey participants from more than 70 different countries, which means this site is a large managed site.

The advantages and disadvantages of MOBROG

+) Expensive fees, because you can be paid up to Rp. 75,000 just by taking 1 survey only.
+) Registration is free and only uses an active email address.
+) The payment process is fast and can be via Paypal account in just about 90 minutes. But make sure the MOBROG and Paypal account email addresses must be the same.

-) The language of the site and the survey materials are only available in English so it is difficult to understand for people who are not familiar with foreign languages.

MOBROG App APK is available?

Until 2020, MOBROG Indonesia provides Mobile Survey App which can be downloaded for Android and iOS smartphones, but make sure to download it on the official Google Play Store or Apps Store application store and not the modified APK Mod version which is usually used to commit fraudulent and illegal acts.


For those of you who are familiar with English and want to earn a side income online just by taking online surveys, you can click here to register for free now.

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