My New Friend BCA blu app

Blu Application Honest Review

The pandemic is starting to get dizzy thinking about wanting to continue playing around Jogja, even though it’s forbidden, huhu khan, it makes me sad. It feels like I’m already busy wanting to play at a tourist place in Yogyakarta, but what can I do at home, just imagine that when I played, I was really happy hahahaha. Then instead of being dizzy now, I really want to manage my household finances, so try to find a bank that suits me. After searching around, I found BCA Digital called blu and tried to learn about it.

BCA Digital has just released a digital banking platform called blu. This application was introduced as a digital banking ecosystem. The point that makes me interested is that this application will facilitate various transactions from anywhere. Let’s get acquainted further with the recently released digital blu ecosystem.

blu . digital ecosystem

About blu Aplikasi App

This digital application was introduced as a next-generation bank service that in the future can provide control over customers in managing finances. This banking service will run digitally and become one of BCA Digital’s flagship products. Of course, this concept is something new that many people have been waiting for.

Then, what is the difference between BCA and BCA Digital banks? This BCA Digital service, as the name implies, will only operate digitally. Various types of banking services will be provided in digital form. In accordance with this concept, BCA Digital will target the millennial generation in its services.

Next-Generation Banking

This blu platform is present as a next-generation service that is expected to meet the transaction and financial management needs of millennials. The practicality of blu services is a solution to the transaction needs of many people. Even for me, who is a housewife and needs to fulfill various types of family transactions.

This blu by BCA Digital application has complete features and is so easy to access. It fits perfectly with the character of millennials who need practical and efficient services. In accordance with the concept of next-generation banking, this service will be available utilizing current technological developments. That is why this service allows various types of transactions to be accessed at any time from any location.

BCA Digital Ecosystem

This blu platform exists as a digital ecosystem that does not have a branch or branchless office. I am interested in trying this application because it is said to be able to access various transactions from anywhere and all digital. You can transfer digitally, pay via digital wallet, and pay off various bills digitally.

On average, blu users are millennials who already understand digital transaction methods. I also don’t want to miss trying this platform in fulfilling various types of transactions. This service is very suitable for millennial needs, everything is cashless and without an ATM card.

There are various types of services that are present in this blu digital ecosystem. Starting from bluAccount as the main account, bluSaving as a feature for separating savings as needed, then there is bluGether, a digital joint venture feature. This platform can also be used to save money in the form of deposits through the bluDeposit feature.

Why wear blue?

When asked the reason for being interested in using blu, the answer is very simple, namely because it can save time. As a housewife, I have a busy and seemingly endless activity. It would be much more difficult if I had to do various transactions conventionally. This is an honest review of the blu application that I have experienced myself.

This digital blu by BCA application will really help me to save time when transacting. All in one hand and it makes it easier for me to save money and pay various types of bills. You know, there are many types of bills that must be met for home and family matters?

Regarding the blu application reviews that I have experienced so far, I am very satisfied. I personally use blu to save money and complete various family transactions. The application is very easy to use and very practical. Transactions are completed in a short time and are guaranteed safe. Everything runs digitally without having to go to the bank or ATM.

After joining palblu, I became more efficient because I could have the right platform to save money. Compared to saving cash, saving digitally makes me more efficient. Paying bills for electricity, water, internet, even for a staycation with family can also be paid with a simple blue click.

As a blu user, I think this platform will be able to help a lot of people. Especially for those who want to save money safely and easily. Saving through the BCA Digital platform will feel very practical, starting from the process of saving to how to access the money that has been saved. I have felt this myself as a pal. Most fun again, the blu by BCA Digital application is integrated with Bank BCA services, such as being able to withdraw cash at BCA ATMs. So it’s not complicated anymore, many facilities are already available. We won’t be too bothered

blu Aplikasi app review

Future blu apps

As a current blu user, I would like to deliver an honest review of the blu app. This application is really very functional and helps me to manage family finances. Currently, blu has arrived so complete and its features are very useful, it fits perfectly with the slogan #blubuatbaik for the community.

I’m sure in the future, blu will grow into a bigger platform. The blu digital ecosystem will continue to innovate as a form of effort to provide the best service for the community. I will continue to use this application and follow every innovation that is presented.

What are you waiting for? I convey this blu application review honestly according to personal experience. This platform really provides convenience and advantageous facilities. Immediately enjoy the blu digital ecosystem services by downloading the blu application for the play store download here and for the app store download here. Experience the convenience provided by the #blubuatbaik feature for yourself!

blu launch

blu officially launched Thursday 22 July 2021 virtually by theme “its blue day” some time ago. At the same time, blu has an exclusive partnership with blibli. Cooperation that occurs because they both have the same mission, namely, customer satisfaction is the main thing. They also have the same target, namely millennials

The collaboration that exists between blibli and blu greatly facilitates its customers, namely the advantages it offers. Buyers will get free shipping, return guarantees, original product guarantees and good quality. The hottest is blibli customers who use blue can take advantage of the bluGether feature to buy blibli products. It’s great, you can do joint shopping, hihi

SPECIAL again during this launch there is a special promo from blu and Blibli, namely by opening a blu account at Blibli and an initial deposit of 500,000 will get cashback by 100% to 100,000 on July 22-24 and July 27-31 2021. Wow, this is really good, makes you happy. In addition, enjoy 50% discount during the celebration Blili Anniversary 10th July 25-27 2021. Muantul jayaa