NetMod Inject Application Review for PC is the same as HTTP Injector

Inject PC, this time the admin will discuss a very good application, namely an application to inject various packages into regular quotas, namely the Netmod application, the NetMod application is very similar to the Http injector application that already exists on Android devices.

There are lots of features and advantages of the NetMod application on a PC which is very similar to the Http Injector Application on Android, for example SSH, Proxy, SSL/TLS etc., this application was made with the Delphi programming language

as with other inject applications, the use of this application is quite simple and not complicated than inject applications that already exist on the internet which need to enter a password / key first so that it can be used
The main advantage of this application is 3 IN 1, it can be used for INject, SSH Tunnel and Proxifier, which is not owned by the inject application on the internet, the admin highly recommends the NetMod application to inject on a PC, to convert internet packages into regular quotas easily without hassle

What is NetMod App

NetMod is an application that is used to find HTTP requests and use it to access the internet with the help of a server, with that we can access the internet without restrictions.

This application requires Additional Application Required as follows

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 & Microsoft Visual C++ 2015
  • A lightweight proxy server software with many features.
  • Optimized for gaming/multi-tasking (Low Memory/CPU usage)

NetMod HTTP Features

there are lots of features and advantages of the NetMod application whose usage is almost the same as the Http Injector application

  • Payload generator
  • Host checker
  • Multi Proxy, SSH, OpenVPN profiles
  • Built in SSH-Client
  • Built in OpenVPN-Client
  • SSL / TLS Tunneling
  • Tunneling over VPN
  • Response replacer
  • Private configuration files
  • HTTP Ping
  • Host to IP / IP to Host

Inject NetMod App for PC

Inject NetMod App for PC

NetMod Application Details

  1. Application Name : NetMod
  2. Version : 3.3
  3. Size : 7MB
  4. Developers : eichgee
  5. Update : December 12, 2020
if you are interested in the inject application on a PC, you can download it directly HERE