Newest AUDI AUTOMOBILE INT’L Scam 2020 Fake $900000 Prize

Be careful if you get an email message that contains a notification that you have won a prize promotion program held by AUDI AUTOMOBILE INT’L which gives a prize money of $ 900,000.00 (to say: nine hundred thousand dollars).

really a very wow amount of money is not it? and if it is converted into rupiah, it can now be around 12 billion rupiah.

But again all of that is just a big gift of satanic imagination that is informed by people who aim to cheat and take other people’s money in an unrighteous way.


First of all, the perpetrator sends an email (from the address [email protected]) which may be carried out randomly to all users around the world with the content of a notification message that the person concerned has won a prize from the AUDI AUTOMOBILE INT’L promotion.

Here’s what the fake email looks like:

proof of fraud audi automobile intl

The email is not written normally but is in a PDF format document which is attached to the body of the email.

Actually from the start the admin didn’t believe it at all, it’s just that the admin was curious and wanted to know what kind of way the fraudsters would use to deceive the admin.

Then after the admin tries to send an email to the address [email protected], the admin will get a reply from the email address in the contents of the email message the admin is told to contact [email protected] who will take care of the process of sending the prize to the country where the selected winner resides.

Then this is the content of the email reply:

fake tnt shipment site

In the contents of the email message, the admin must send complete admin data including the phone number and also the secret pin code that was sent in the previous email. And because the admin already knows this is a scam and the admin is no longer in the mood to work on a scammer because there are other admins too, it’s enough that the investigation that the admin is doing is here.

However, this is enough to prove that the prize promo from AUDI AUTOMOBILE INT’L is fake and fraudulent.

Proof of AUDI AUTOMOBILE INT’L 2020 Promo Fraud

After the admin checked on the internet, there was no promo with prizes like this that was carried out by the official company of this famous car maker, AUDI, both at its head office and in all its branches around the world. Although in this case the fraudster said that the organizer of this promo was AUDI AUTOMOBILE Mumbai India branch.

Fraudsters use free email domains not official company domains

And also the email addresses that scammers use are fake free email addresses that use the suffix domains,, and, even though multinational companies as big as AUDI should use this address as their own company domain.

Fake TNT Shipment Service

Further evidence is that the fraudsters also act in the name of TNT Shipment Service and this can be seen very clearly when the fraudsters use the email address [email protected] Because no international company uses the email service, of course it will be adjusted to the company’s official website such as for example.

So in this case, the fraudsters actually abused the two big companies, namely AUDI and the international freight forwarder TNT.

What are the advantages of this AUDI AUTOMOBILE INT’L scam for fraudsters?

Most likely, after the potential victim sends the complete data, then the fraudster will ask to transfer a certain amount of money as a shipping fee or gift collection tax as is common in almost all types of scams like this.


If you get an email that contains a notification that you have won a prize from the AUDI AUTOMOBILE INT’L promotional program as above, then you will immediately be ignored because it is 100% pure.