Non-Military Threats Against Complete National Integration

Non-Military Threats Against Complete National Integration – Every country certainly has several threats to its country, including Indonesia. These types of threats can be in the form of military threats or non-military threats. One type of threat that is no less important is the non-military threat to national integration. This type of threat is not related to the military forum, but must also be addressed so as not to harm the Indonesian state. So what is a non-military threat? Non-military threats are types of threats that are not related to military matters but are still dangerous for the nation’s personality, the safety of the entire nation, the sovereignty of the nation, and the integrity of the nation.

Non-Military Threats Against Complete National Integration Non-Military Threats Against Complete National Integration

The threat comes from the effects of globalization today. Globalization will offer boundaries between nations, whether consciously or not. Therefore unknowingly this effect has damaged the integrity of the Indonesian nation. This time I will explain about several types of non-military threats to national integration. For more details you can see below. this.

Non-Military Threats Against Complete National Integration

Non-military threats to national integration can be divided into several categories, namely threats in the economic, political, socio-cultural, and ideological fields. The following is a clarification of each threat in a particular area:

Threats in the Field of Ideology

The first non-military threat to national integration is in the field of ideology. The Indonesian state has implemented a firm rejection of zionist and communist ideas in general. This refusal made the effects of communism less pronounced for Indonesia. So the effect on this understanding is relatively small. However, this does not mean that Indonesia is free from other ideas, such as the effects of liberalism. The influence of liberalism emphasizes individual freedom. The influence of liberalism comes from the United States which has influenced countries in the world, including Indonesia. This is due to advances in the field of globalization.

In this era of globalization, various Indonesians are influenced by the belief that Liberalism is able to create prosperity and progress in society. It is not surprising that liberalism is a non-military threat to national integration because it affects and endangers the nation. These negative impacts include promiscuity that makes free sex rampant, a glamorous lifestyle and others. If the effects of this influence are not immediately addressed, it will have an impact on the nation’s personality for the worse.

Threats in the Political Field

The next non-military threat to national integration is in the political field. Threats in this political field can come from domestic and foreign effects. For this type of political threat from abroad comes from pressure from other countries. For example, provocation, political blockade, and intimidation. According to the assumption, this non-military threat will endanger the Indonesian people. Therefore, non-military defense is needed to overcome these threats.

Non-military threats to national integration can come from within the country. Threats from within the country include the misuse of power to overthrow certain governments, as well as forming a particular forum to weaken the power of the Indonesian government. In addition, there are also political threats such as the threat of separatism. The threat can be carried out using weapons or not. The threat of separatism without weapons is usually done to attract sympathy from the international community. Therefore, this form of threat is classified as difficult to overcome by military forces. This illustrates that threats in the political field are very dangerous to the integrity, safety and sovereignty of Indonesia.

Threats in the Economy

The non-military threat to further national integration is in the economic field. Each country cannot run its own economy. Especially in this era of globalization, of course, no country is closed to its economic policies. The influence of globalization in the economic field is carried out by carrying out trade activities or economic activities with countries in the world. This economic activity is carried out in an integrated manner and without any state territorial boundaries. This effect requires removing restrictions on the flow of capital, services and goods.

When economic globalization is carried out, all national borders will disappear and make friendly ties between the national and international economies even more. If the implementation of the economy takes place on one side, it will create more open market opportunities from domestic to international markets. In addition, it will also create opportunities for global products to enter the domestic market. This will offer both advantages and a non-military threat to national integration.

The following are some non-military threats to national integration in the economic field:

  1. If free trade is carried out without national borders, it will make the country of Indonesia flooded with foreign goods. This of course will make local/traditional goods increasingly pressed and less competitive with foreign products.
  2. The Indonesian economy will be controlled by other countries sooner or later. Moreover, now there are facilities for strange people to invest in Indonesia. This will later offer pressure on our nation and government. In this way, the economic colonization of the investor countries will occur.
  3. Will create high social inequality because of the effect of free competition. This competition will make the loser and the winner. The winning party will carry out the market monopoly more freely, but the losing party will become the oppressed party and can only watch.
  4. Economic subsidies among the people will decrease, labor absorption with a labor-intensive system will disappear, and it will be difficult for cooperative institutions to carry out developments. In this way, poverty and unemployment are difficult to control.
  5. Opportunities for economic growth in the long term will get worse. Even short-term economic growth will experience instability.

Threats in the Socio-Cultural Field

The last non-military threat to national integration is in the socio-cultural field. Threats in the socio-cultural field can be divided into two types, namely threats from outside and from within the country. For threats originating from within the country, it is supported by information on backwardness, poverty, injustice and ignorance. This issue is what causes new problems such as terrorism, man-made events, separatism, and violence. This issue will also have an impact on national integration, patriotism, nationalism, national unity and integrity.

For socio-cultural threats from abroad caused by the negative effects of globalization. The following are some non-military threats to national integration originating from abroad:

  1. Leads to a consumptive lifestyle of foreign goods.
  2. Give rise to the nature of hidonism, namely self-pleasure is considered the highest value in life. This will make people do everything to achieve pleasure and self-satisfaction. Although the norms in society must be violated. For example promiscuity, spree, drunkenness, and others.
  3. Creating an attitude of individualism, namely an attitude that cares about one’s own interests without paying attention to others and even being considered unimportant and non-existent. This is what makes the sense of caring for others diminish, for example, reviling buskers, beggars, and others.
  4. Leads to westernization, namely living a lifestyle like westerners without first selecting. For example using earrings for men, using mini skirts, and others.
  5. His sense of solidarity, solidarity, helping and caring is fading.
  6. Religious values ​​in society are fading.

These are some of the non-military threats to national integration that I can explain. We as children of the nation must guard this country and always filter the effects of influence from foreign countries. Hopefully this article can be useful. Thank you.