On KFC’s Birthday to Release Android Smartphone

On KFC's Birthday to Release Android Smartphone

Who is not familiar with KFC, Yes, this Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food franchise is indeed a name that is widely known to the world community because almost all cities have KFC. Now, as if wanting to spread its wings, now at the age of 30, KFC is collaborating with a Chinese smartphone vendor, Huawei, to make Android-based smartphones.

The Android-based smartphone is named KFC Huawei 7 Plus with a red casing that is the hallmark of the fast food restaurant from the United States. And even more so on the back case there is the KFC logo, which is the face of the founder of KFC Harland Colonel Sanders along with the Huaweo logo on the back of the smartphone.

The specifications of the KFC Huawei 7 Plus are already qualified and targeting the middle class of KFC lovers. For 3 GB of RAM capacity with 32 GB of internal memory which can be added up to 128 GB via external memory, of course it is according to consumer needs. This smartphone itself is priced around 1099 Yuan.

This KFC smartphone is also equipped with KFC and K-Music applications. This application will make it easier for customers and of course the workers at KFC themselves. Yes, this application will work for ordering KFC menus directly to customers’ homes.

On KFC's Birthday to Release Android Smartphone

While the K-Music application is the same as an application that provides songs that are played by more than 4,000 KFC outlets in China. Thus this smartphone will be so attached to customers to KFC.

Talking about technology, actually KFC is not the first time collaborating with technology because last year KFC has collaborated with technology companies to make robots as waiters at its outlet in Shanghai.

Not only innovating with technology, but KFC also innovates to reach out to the community in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yes, although KFC sells fast food, in Hangzhou, China, there is a KFC outlet that specializes in providing healthy foods such as salads and juices.