Oppo destroys 23,000 damaged smartphones

Oppo destroys 23,000 damaged smartphones

Oppo destroys 23,000 damaged smartphones – Of the millions of smartphones that Oppo has produced in Indonesia, it turns out that there are still some that are flawed. Yes, during the 4 year period from 2003 to 2016 the substandard and flawed smartphones were annihilated by Oppo.

This extermination process was carried out at a waste treatment facility owned by PT Prasadha Pamunah Limba Industri or known as PPLi in Celeungsi, Bogor, West Java.

Oppo has its own purpose why this is done. Maybe our assumption is why Oppo doesn’t just recycle these damaged devices. However, Oppo doesn’t think so, according to them, recycled smartphones can potentially disappoint or harm consumers if they are on the market.

More specifically, Aryo Meidianto, who is Oppo Indonesia’s Media Engagement, said that the purpose of this extermination was to maintain and increase consumer satisfaction with their products.

Aryo also said that there were 11 models of Oppo Smartphones that were destroyed, including the A11W, R821, R5, Find7, Find7e to F1 Plus. Terakhi Aryo also said that this annihilation was actually less than 1 percent of the total smartphone production in the 4 year period.

Oppo destroys 23,000 damaged smartphones

However, Oppo has made sure that it doesn’t just destroy it because there are accessories that can’t be thrown away because they contain a variety of dangerous electronic waste, so they must be neutralized before being disposed of.

The process of destroying 23,000 smartphones and their accessories is quite long because there are stages of waste treatment that must be passed. After the last new crushed by being run over using a heavy vehicle that serves to grind. So the damaged smartphone was placed on a concrete floor and run over.

For total destruction, it will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks. There have been extermination videos of this Oppo product uploaded by kompas.com. Maybe those of you who watch feel uncomfortable too, yes, and must say it’s a pity that it’s destroyed. hehe