Papeda Recipes for Sale or Home

Recipes, Ingredients, and How to Make Papeda for Sale and Home_For those of you who have never tried to process papeda recipes, you can really try this Papuan cuisine at home. In addition to its unique taste, it turns out that this papeda has a distinctive taste and is of course super delicious. This food is made from sago and is usually enjoyed with a yellow sauce seasoning.

Papeda Recipes for Sale or Home

If you want to feel the pleasure of eating papeda, you don’t have to go to Papua. From now on, you can also make your own at home using this recipe from us. Of course, we will give you super easy papeda cooking knowledge.

A. Materials to Make Papeda

Here are some ingredients that need to be prepared to make Papuan culinary papeda, including:

1. Salt to taste
2. Chicken broth to taste
3. 1/4 sago flour
4. 2 cloves of garlic
5. 4 glasses of water

B. How to Make a Delicious and Practical Papeda

Here are some ways to make papeda, for those of you lovers of Indonesian culinary specialties, one of which is Papua, please follow these steps.

1. First, you need to boil approximately 3 cups of water in a pot.

2. After that, mix the sago flour, salt, garlic, and chicken broth that has been in a fine blender with a glass of water, then stir in a bowl.

3. Next, pour the boiling water into the sago flour mixture. Stir slowly until the mixture thickens.

4. Finally, the homemade papeda is ready to eat.

However, eating papeda is incomplete if it is not served with yellow sauce. Therefore, you also have to follow the papeda recipe in the process of making yellow gravy.

Yellow gravy ingredients

The following are several types of ingredients needed to make papeda mixed yellow sauce, including:

1. 500 grams of medium-sized tuna (types of fish may be free)
2. 1 piece of turmeric
3. 1 piece of galangal
4. 1 small piece of ginger
5. 1 small piece of kencur
6. 3 pecans
7. 2 chilies
8. 2 tomatoes
9. 5 star fruit wuluh
10. 4 cloves of shallot
11. 2 cloves of garlic
12. 2 lemongrass
13. Basil
14. Citrus leaves
15. Bay leaf
16. Pepper
17. Coriander
18. 200 ml of water

How to Make Yellow Gravy with Simple Seasoning

If the previous ingredients have been prepared, now is the time for you to make the yellow gravy as a companion to the papeda. Here’s how to process papeda recipe with yellow sauce.

1. First, puree the garlic, onion, coriander, pepper, kencur, ginger, turmeric galangal, the method is to simply crush it but don’t make it smooth. Then, stir-fry ground spices with lime leaves, bay leaves and lemongrass. Allow the spices to smell good.

2. After that, add water and medium-cut fish. Also add the sliced ​​tomatoes and starfruit, along with chilies you like spicy.

3. Then, sprinkle salt and sugar to taste. Then, simmer until cooked.

4. Finally, papeda with yellow is ready to be served.

Some of the ways to process papeda recipes above are expected to be a reference for those of you who are curious and have never tried this Papuan cuisine.