Parimas Waterpark Mojokerto Entrance Ticket Prices

Parimas Waterpark – Swimming is a great and fun vacation job, especially for kids. In Mojokerto, precisely in the Pacet area, there is a new tourist spot that is good to visit as a picnic spot with the family.

As for the location of Pacet tourism, it is quite easy to reach, it is strategically located because it is right on the road after the entrance gate to the Pacet tourist site, Mojokerto. At the beginning of 2019, this water tourism was officially opened to the public at an affordable entry ticket price.

Yes, Parimas Waterpark is an option for residents regarding the contents of weekend holidays or national holidays and the new year. Parimas Waterpark does not only offer swimming activities because there are several rides and facilities that are ready to make visitors happy.

The place of Parimas Waterpark is on Jl. Mojosari – Pacet, Km 10, Wonosari Hamlet, Pamdam Hamlet, Warugunung, Mojokerto. It has a distance of about 1.5 to 2 hours drive from the city of Surabaya. To make it easier for some visitors outside Mojokerto to vacation in this place.

Parimas Waterpark Mojokerto Entrance Ticket Prices

Parimas Waterpark entrance ticket prices can still be reached during weekends or Eid holidays. With a cheap and lively entrance ticket, you and your family can get interesting facilities. There are several choices of pools that can be used for all ages.

Okay, for those of you who are curious and want to visit Parimas Waterpark immediately, but before deciding to visit, you should first know the information about the following rides, facilities, places and prices for the Parimas Waterpark entrance ticket.

Parimas Waterpark or Pacet Parimas Waterpark is a new tourist destination in Mojokerto, East Java. This water tourism only opened at the beginning of the year, exactly on February 28, 2019. And it has become one of the popular tours in Pacet tourist sites.

Not only swimming, visitors, especially children, will be pampered with various water rides in it, such as water slides, spilled buckets, and there are many water games that your children will surely enjoy.

In the Parimas Waterpark area, it provides a comfortable environment, complete with natural views that are eye-catching and perfect for relieving fatigue due to the daily routine of work. And the air is cool with a beautiful view of Mount Penanggugan.

Parimas Waterpark Mojokerto Entrance Ticket Prices

Not only the swimming pool as a favorite tour in this place, the Parimas Waterpark room has a fairly wide outbound space. It has an important field that can hold up to 200 participants and a pristine place.

There are several great and fun activities for visitors while on Parimas Waterpark tours, and there are also several pools that visitors can use, including a toddler pool, children’s pool, adult pool, play pool, and 5 waterslide options.

Wahana Parimas Waterpark Mojokerto :

Regarding rides or water games at Parimas Waterpark, one of them.

  • Adult Pool
  • Skating
  • Parimas Pool
  • Baby Shark Pool
  • Turtle River
  • Bluefish Pool
  • Parimas Tower
  • Parimas Park
  • Outbound Space
  • Camping Ground
  • flying fox
  • Mini Highrope
  • Means

While the supporting facilities and at the same time also become an attraction for visitors when they are on Parimas Waterpark Pacet tourism, one of which is:

  • Toilet
  • Washroom
  • Change Room
  • Shower
  • locker
  • Hall
  • Restaurant
  • Rest area
  • Gajebo
  • Islamic Prayer Room
  • Vehicle Parking Space

Especially for those of you who want to feel the excitement and excitement while on a family vacation in the Parimas Waterpark area, so you need to prepare the entrance ticket fee and the outbound package fee, for more details can be seen below.

Parimas Waterpark Entrance Ticket Prices

  • Monday – Friday: IDR 20,000 / Person (Weekday)
  • Saturday & Sunday: IDR 25,000 / Person (Weekend)
  • Holidays & National Holidays: IDR 35,000 / Person (Eid & New Year Holidays)

Parimas Waterpark Outbound Packages

Regarding there are several choices of Outbound packages at Parimas Waterpark that can be followed, starting from kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, and adults, one of them.

1. Outbound Kids PG/TK: Rp. 150,000
2. Middle/high school outbound: Rp. 140,000
3. Outbound Kids SD/MI: Rp. 120,000


  • Swimming Entrance Ticket
  • Eat + Drink
  • Energizer
  • Ice Breaking
  • Circuit Games
  • Highrope
  • flying fox
  • Game Equipment
  • BNSP Trainer and Facilitator
  • Rent
  • Sound system
  • 1x Job Topic Banner 500 x 100
  • Photo Documentation
  • The place
  • Address: Jl. Mojosari – Pacet, Km 10, Wonosari Hamlet, Pamdam Hamlet, Warugunung, Pacet, Mojokerto
  • Phone: 0811-3037-700
  • Opening Hours: 08.00 – 17.00 WIB (Open every day)

Parimas Waterpark Address

Address: Jl. Mojosari – Pacet, Km 10, Warugunung, Pacet, Mojokerto, East Java
Phone: 0811-3037-700
Opening Hours: 08.00 – 17.00 WIB
Ticket Price: IDR 25,000 (Weekend) – IDR 20,000 (Weekday)

Place Map:

Parimas watermark is the newest water tourism that is comfortable and good for families, supported by beautiful natural scenery and cold air. This waterpark offers outbound events including flying fox for children and adults, children’s playground and very interesting photo spots with panoramic backgrounds. nature and mountains.

Thus a brief explanation of Parimas Waterpark Entrance Ticket Prices, which are located at the Pacet tourist location, Mojokerto, East Java. Hopefully this explanation can be useful for readers as well as especially those who are planning a vacation with their family by visiting Parimas Waterpark tourist sites.