Pay attention to the following 7 things so that the package is not damaged sent via the post office

The post office is a company that is very experienced in sending packages and documents, established since the Dutch era until now, it still continues to exist serving customers in all corners of the country, even not only domestic package delivery but also overseas. Every day thousands of packages are sent from each post office in various regions. Starting from personal packages, selling online, even to service and military needs sent using the post office service.

In the process of sending packages from customers, the Post Office always strives for the package to be received properly without any damage or defects to the recipient’s hands. But sometimes external factors cause the package to be damaged. For example :

1. Package Type

Pay attention to the type of package sent, whether it requires extra attention or not between packages that require special handling, including:

  • Packages in the form of liquids, electronics or glassware. Packages of this type must be packaged very safely, for example a package containing honey, then it must be packaged in layers: honey is put in jerry cans or special bottles, wrapped in plastic, wrapped again in cardboard, then covered with bubble wrap.
  • The point is that the package is not easily damaged by the packaging so that the contents come out and can also contaminate or damage other packages.

Unlike the case with solid objects or cloth, it is enough with plastic and strong cardboard / cardboard packing so that it is not expected to be damaged in transit.

2. Package Container

Do not use containers or places that break easily. If using cardboard, then use thick cardboard. And try to keep the package tightly closed, so that there is no possibility of the contents of the package being spilled out.

3. Package Safety Layer

If needed, you can add Bubble warp, which is a type of plastic coating that has air bubbles that function as a damper from vibration or impact resistance when the package falls or collides with other objects. Styrofoam or cork can also be used as a medium as a protective coating for packages.

4. Number of Packages Sent

If the package is glassware then send it one by one, preferably not combined, if it must be combined then put a safety layer between each package. If possible not too heavy in 1 package. For example, if you send a package weighing 100kg, then divide the package into 4 collies, which is 25kg.

5. Package Resistance to Impact

If the package sent has the resistance to the impact of hard objects or falls, then of course we don’t need to worry. However, if it is susceptible to damage, it must be a concern to provide a layer of security.

6. Validity or Expiry Date

Packages that are perishable, such as cooked food, souvenirs, honey, rendang, should choose the fastest product, in this case, for the post office, there is an express post office. However, if the express post product does not reach, use special express.

If you choose the regular package, only use durable packages. And indeed because the reach of transportation can not be fast to the destination.

7. Outer Packing

This is the last layer, namely wooden packing, secure the sharp and sharp edges of the packing by layering it with cardboard again. Usually, if there are sharp and sharp parts, the airline will reject it if the package is sent with Post Express or Special Express products using air transportation.

If it is not possible to use wood, use strong packing to cover packages that are easily damaged, such as electronics, figures, art objects and others.

Hopefully the explanation above can help friends who want to send packages through the post office and can minimize various kinds of damage that may occur. These 7 things to note can be used as guidelines for both personal shipments and shipments to be sold (Online Shop).