Please Be A Smart Buyer What Does It Mean?

Please Be A Smart Buyer is often used by sellers or sellers to emphasize always reading the description or details of the product to be purchased.

Please Be A Smart Buyer

Please Be A Smart Buyer What Does It Mean?

Please Be A Smart Buyer in Indonesian means be a smart buyer. Smart buyers are buyers who are always careful in looking at goods before buying, because what they buy is goods in the online world.

How to become a Smart Buyer

Of course, a SMART BUYER will do the following when buying goods:

  • Seeing the price of the item is certain, because this is related to the budget you have.
  • Look carefully at the pictures of the items to be purchased.
  • Always read the ad description carefully before buying, because in the ad description, a SMART SELLER explains the condition of the goods being sold.
  • Reading the ad description is important, so that there is no misunderstanding between SMART BUYER and SMART SELLER.

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Misunderstanding between the seller and the buyer, 80% occurs because of the negligence of the BUYER, who is not SMART when buying goods, if you see the CHEAP price, you immediately click buy without READing the ad description, even though the ad description explains what SMART SELLER is selling..

Because it’s possible, the picture is the latest SANGSUNG smartphone, the price is only 350 thousand, but what’s being sold is only the CASE, while the picture is an EXAMPLE, if a BUYER plays, clicks buy without reading the ad description, it’s dangerous, later on the SELLER will think it’s selling a SMARTPHONE , even though only the CASE.

But I’m sure this includes all SMART BUYERS, who don’t play click buy without reading the ad description.

If in the transaction there is a discrepancy with the condition of the goods, or the goods received do not match the description, then a

SMART BUYER does not immediately give NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, a SMART BUYER will definitely contact the seller, to exchange goods, if there is no response from the seller, then a SMART BUYER will contact CS to return the goods.

What is Smart Seller?

SMART SELLER in Indonesian means SMART SELLER. A smart seller, of course, will do the best things for SMART BUYER, because SMART SELLER will know, BUYER IS THE KING, soo…. must be served properly. Even in placing advertisements, in their products, a SMART SELLER will definitely do the following:

  • Install a clear image, not blurry, or vague, because SMART SELLER will know, SMART BUYER will want to see the shape of the item he is going to buy, smart buyers certainly don’t want to buy a cat in a sack, let alone a tiger in a sack. a tiger in a sack…hehehe)
  • Writing the item description, or ad description correctly, SMART SELLER, of course you know, the ad description will be an important guide for SMART BUYER to decide, whether to click buy, or not.
  • A SMART SELLER will definitely write a description of the ad as it is, according to the condition of the item being sold, if the picture is a cat, of course the ad description is written as a cat, if there is a product defect from the item being sold, the location of the defect will be written down. the condition is new, of course a new one will be written, the point is, a SMART SELLER, of course, will send the goods according to the picture, even if the picture is an example of an item, then the item sent must match the ad description.
    The important thing is that the BUYER is satisfied, even though the SELLER is weak.
  • If there is a complaint or there is a return of goods from the buyer, a SMART SELLER will certainly respond well, and be ready to replace the goods with new ones (this is if the buyer does not give negative feedback), because a SMART BUYER, of course, does not want the buyer to be disappointed.

Source: Bukalapak Community