Promo Package GamesMAX Unlimited Play 31gb Price 20 thousand

GamesMAX Package Promo, you must be familiar with the Gamemax package. No, a package that is specifically for playing online games, but there are interesting things in this package because there is a Telkomsel Gamemax Package Promo: 31GB for only 20,000

but this GamesMAX Package Promo is only available on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) if you buy other than that day, the gamemax package price will return to normal to IDR 25,000

Unlimited game package promo at a very cheap and affordable price of IDR 20,000 with an active period of 30 days. The 31GB GamesMAX Unlimited Play package is a package that includes 30GB game quota, 1GB internet quota, 0.5GB YouTube quota, and unlimited game access (depending on the package chosen).

Here are 8 GamesMAX unlimited Play Telkomsel surprise packages that you can choose

  • Unlimited Play Mobile Legends
  • Unlimited Play Free Fire
  • Unlimited Play AOV
  • Unlimited Play LINE Let’s Get Rich
  • Unlimited Play Black Desert Mobile
  • Unlimited Play Life After
  • Unlimited Play Rise of Nowlin
  • Unlimited Play Vouchers Google Play

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How to buy the 31GB GamesMAX Package Promo Package Price 20,000

How to buy the 31GB GamesMAX Package Promo Package Price 20,000
  • Open My Telkomsel App
  • after successful login Press on Shop
  • then press on Entertainment
  • Choose GameMax Unlimited Play Package
  • Purchase confirmation Press Buy

Wait until the process is successful or in full, you can read the tutorial below

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Gamemax Package Promo Notes 31gb

Because it is a Telkomsel promo package, you will not get a price of 20,000 on weekdays (weekdays) you need to buy it on weekends to get a Telkomsel Gamemax unlimited play package at a price of Rp. 20,000

you can only find it at certain times (depending on Telkomsel’s policy in issuing promos). Normally, the price of the package is IDR 25,000.

we only get a difference of 5000 only in purchasing this max game package

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if you are not clear about how to get a cheap promo for the gamemax package, you can ask me in the comments column