Recommended Custom Rom Xiaomi Redmi 4X Stable

Custom Rom Xiaomi Redmi 4X – Android phones, especially Xiaomi, are very well known by the community today, apart from an attractive price, this Xiaomi cellphone carries specifications that are also classified as fierce in the price range offered. So that’s why it’s not surprising that in the region, especially in Indonesia, the Xiaomi brand is in great demand.

Of the many smartphones released by xiaomi, the Xiaomi Redmi 4x is one of the most in demand, because it is equipped with qualified specifications at a relatively cheap price among the Indonesian people. This Xiaomi Redmi 4x cellphone is equipped with 3GB of ram, and quite a lot of internal memory, which is 32GB which is relatively cheap for today’s smartphones.

Those are some of the possible reasons why the Xiaomi Redmi 4X cellphone is a Xiaomi phone that has a lot of fans. Developers and the community are also abundant, which results in a lot of Custom Roms available for this Xiaomi Redmi 4X. Here are the best Custom Rom recommendations for Xiaomi Redmi 4X.

And those are some of the reasons why the Xiaomi Redmi 4X is an Android phone that is included in the Android cellphone that is in great demand by the public. Because of the large number of users of this Xiaomi cellphone, there are so many developers and communities. One of them is the availability of abundant custom roms for this Xiaomi Redmi 4x. Therefore we summarize and recommend some custom roms for this Xiaomi Redmi 4x.

The following are the recommended Xiaomi Redmi 4X Stable Custom Rom:

1. LineageOS Official

LineageOS Official is the most familiar custom rom by many android users. Because this LineageOS Custom Rom is influenced because it is the successor of the CyanogenMod Custom Rom which is now the stock rom of Oneplus and YU smartphones.

Just like AEX custom roms, LineageOS also uses the AOSP base system, but has a minimalist interface without many changes from stock Android. LineageOS has also used the Oreo operating system.

2. Custom Rom AOSP Extended (AEX) Official

AOSP Extended (AEX) Official Custom Rom is one of the best custom rom for Xiaomi Redmi 4X. Because this Official AOSP Extended (AEX) Custom Rom uses the basic AOSP system that has been modified with the addition of several advanced features that are not available on the Xiaomi Redmi 4X stock rom.

3. Rom Bliss Official Redmi 4X

Rom Bliss is also one of the many variants of Custom Rom with AOSP base for Xiaomi Redmi 4X. But of the many Custom Roms with an AOSP base, the difference is that Bliss Rom has its own characteristics that other Custom Roms don’t have, where as the name implies, this Bliss Custom Rom is sure to make users happy.

4. Resurrection Remix (RR) Official

Resurrection Remix (RR) or Rom RR is a custom rom made from a combination of several, namely Custom Rom Omni, LineageOS and Custom Rom Slim. Resurrection Remix has also used the Oreo operating system.

This custom rom has a lot of interesting features in this Resurrection Remix custom rom, such as MIUI Camera, One Plus Gallery and also this custom rom also supports Custom Kernel.

5. AOSIP Derpfest

AOSIP Derffest is one of the AOSP custom rom bases that has an interesting variant for the Xiaomi Redmi 4X cellphone. As the name suggests, the AOSIP Custom Rom/Android Open Source Illusion Project is an AOSP-based custom rom that has been modified to be suitable and stable for installation on the Xiaomi Redmi 4X cellphone. Download Rom AOSIP Derpfest

6. DotOS Official

DotOS is an example of a custom rom that uses the basic AOSP system like AEX or LineageOS custom Rom, but this DotOS has a lot of more complex modifications. Uniquely, even though DotOS Official still uses the Oreo operating system, the interface of this DotOS Rom is made similar to the Android Pie operating system.

7. Pixel Experience Plus Edition

Pixel Experience Plus Edition is a Custom ROM modified from the Pixel Experience Official Rom which has been filled with various interesting features that are useful for enhancing the user experience using the Xiaomi Redmi 4X.

8. Pixel Experience Official & Unofficial

Pixel Experience is a custom rom Xiaomi Redmi 4X that offers a look like a smartphone made by Google, namely the Google Pixel.

Not only that the interface looks similar, the font, launcher, ringtone and even the boot animation are made very similar to the Google Pixel. Interestingly, this Pixel Experience Rom has carried the Android Pie operating system which is known for its battery life.

Thus, from the recommendation of the best xiaomi 4x custom rom with a custom rom that is stable and has many abundant features in it. Hopefully useful and Thank you for visiting the short word