Redeem Alfamart Gift Vouchers from the I-Say IPSOS Survey

After you have at least 840 points in your IPSOS i-Say online survey account, you can exchange them for a Sodexo Epass e-voucher worth 50 thousand.

And from this voucher you can use it to shop at various merchants or offline and online stores, some of which are Alfamart and Alfamidi outlets.

This voucher can be exchanged and is valid at Alfamart and Alfamidi outlets throughout Indonesia, both in urban areas and in rural areas because, as we all know, this mini market has spread to remote areas.

How to Redeem IPSOS i-Say Points for Alfamart Vouchers

The method is very easy, first make sure the minimum amount of points you redeem has met the requirements for a nominal Sodexo voucher of Rp. 25,000 or Rp. 50,000. And you can check this on your account after you are logged in.

For additional information, vouchers with a nominal value of 25 thousand are sometimes not available and what is always available is the nominal 50 thousand.

To redeem it, simply click the “Gift” menu and select the type of voucher then wait for the notification email that will be sent by the IPSOS i-Say system.

How long does it take for the Sodexo Epass voucher code to be sent to the email?

Based on the experience of the admin who has done it once, in just a few minutes and less than 1 hour the code has been sent and can be used immediately.

The following is the content of the email that the admin received:

email voucher code sodexo epass ipsos i-say

Hello Dino,

Your gift has arrived!

We are happy to send you 1 x $50000 Sodexo ePass that was ordered on 10/11/2019, for your best online and offline shopping experience.

This email is the key to your eGift Card. Keep this email safe to keep your eGift Card safe, and don’t share it with anyone.
Sodexo ePass Code: SXxXxxXxXx
Expiration date: 31/07/2020“.

It looks like the screenshot above, that at the very bottom it says Sodexo ePass code: xxxxxxxx is a voucher code that must be shown to the cashier when we are going to use it for shopping.

And in the case of the admin, the admin uses it to shop at Alfamart and applies it as a discount, so when the admin purchases 100 thousand, the admin only needs to pay 50 thousand and applies to all products at Alfamart.

If you are not sure whether the Alfamart outlet accepts Sodexo ePass vouchers or not, please ask the cashier first before you start shopping.

Sodexo ePass e-voucher validity period

For the validity period as shown in the picture above, that when the admin got it in November 2019, it turned out that the validity period was quite long and almost 1 year because until July 2020.

What if the voucher code is lost because my email was deleted?

Don’t worry, the features in IPSOS i-Say have anticipated it well and this is proven by the existence of this feature that can be used to request a re-send of the voucher code to the user’s email.

To access it, you can log in to your account then click on the account balance or the one with the star icon and there will be an option “Send back the gift”.

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