Reminiscing on Android Cupcake Jaya in its time.

Reminiscing on Android Cupcake Jaya in its time


Reminiscing Android Cupcake Jaya in its time. Currently the internet is experiencing rapid growth. This is the impact of the increasing world of technology. Unlike in the past, now everything is easy since the advent of Android. Even to just buy goods or want to use transportation services, we can use them online.

Android began to be released and introduced to the public in 2009 which in its first version was named Android 1.1. But over time, Android continues to release the latest version. Not only that, year after year the features offered are getting more sophisticated. However, this article will not discuss the latest version of Android itself, but rather to reminisce on the Android version Cupcakes who was instrumental in his time.

Reminiscing Android Cupcakes which is the second version of android. Android version Cupcakes Also known as Android version 1.5. Actually there is something unique about this second Android release. Android cupcakes is the beginning of the version that uses the name cake. As we know, until now android still survives with the tradition of cake names.

Android Cupcakes comes with several features that are considered sophisticated in its time. The first feature is that it has the ability toupload videos to Youtube directly. This feature is not found in the first version of android. Those of us who can already enjoy the 2009 era androidand feel entertained by the existence of this feature.

Reminiscing Android Cupcakes, which in his era began to have “widget” which can be minimized. This feature is also not available in the first version. We can also unopepictures to Picasa using your phone. Android version cupcakes did not escape the support of bluetooth A2DP.

But we still find shortcomings in this android, one of which is not being able to downloaddownload all applications. However, some disadvantages of androidcupcakes can be helped by its advantages. Before the third version of android, android cupcakes can satisfy us.

Reminiscing android cupcake who had triumphed in his era. Android that has a lot of memories for us phone lovers in the 2009s.

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