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Chinese drama Rattan 2021, adapted from Wei Yu’s novel “Si Teng”. “Rattan” is a new Chinese fantasy drama that came out in early 2021. This drama tells the story of a girl Si Teng who is an alien. People were afraid of him and made the Xuan group sect. Sect head Xuan Qiu Shan fire he was woken up by a man Qin Fang after he fell off a cliff in a car

The Chinese drama si Teng has a duration of 30 broadcast episodes. Rattan stars a series of famous Chinese artists. Among them are artists Sally Jing, Vin Zhang, Zhang Yi Chi, Kanazawa Hao Kim, June Wu, and others.

Details About Chinese Drama Rattan 2021

  • Title: Rattan
  • Chinese title: / Si Teng
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romantic, Fantasy
  • Country: China
  • Director: Li Mu Ge
  • Screenwriters: Wang Hong, Li Min
  • Producers: Jia Shi Kai, Wu Xing Yan
  • Production: Youku, Yuekai Film, Joy Time, Linghe Culture
  • TV Channels: Tencent Video, IQIYI, Youku
  • Number of Episodes: 30 Episodes
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Runtime: March 8, 2021 – April 4, 2021
  • Showtimes: Monday and Tuesday, 20:00 CST (GMT+8)
  • Content Rating: Teenagers 15 and over

Rattan Movie Cast (2021)

  • Sally Jing as Si Teng / Bai Ying: Main Role
  • Vin Zhang as Qin Fang Main Role
  • Zhang Yi Chi as Yan Fu Rui :Supporting Role
  • Kanazawa Hao Kim as Dan Zhi Gang : Support Role
  • Zhang Ding Han as Jia Gui Zhi : Supporting Role Jun Wu
  • June Wu as Wang Qian Kun

Drama Rattan cast details

  • Jing Tian as Si Teng

She was a girl who was sealed by someone. Qin Fang woke him up. He treated her as his servant because he gave her a second life. It made him uncomfortable. He had to obey her and take her to the hotel.

  • Zhang Binbin as Qin Fang

He brings his girlfriend An Man to visit the benefactor. But the benefactor wasn’t there. So he had to take his girlfriend to the hotel. He met a stranger, Mr. Zhao. She fell asleep after An Man told her to drink water. He wakes up and sees two men kidnapping An Man. The car was brought by a fat man. He fell with the car.

  • Zhang Yichi as Yan Furui

He was the heir to the Xuan sect. One day, a rock in his yard broke. He read the letter his master wrote. He knows that Si Teng is awake, and realizes that he needs to get rid of the Yi clan like his master.

She became Lord Zhao’s woman after she gave him the money. But she fell in love with Qin Fang because he was so handsome and kind to her. He posted articles and badmouthed Zhao after he arrived in An Da with Qin Fang. Master Zhao was furious and told him to visit him. He threatens to tell Qin Fang what he did to him.

Brief Synopsis of Rattan 2021

Watch Chinese Drama Rattan 2021

Chinese Drama Rattan Tailer 2021

Years ago, Si Teng’s plant-alien hybrid was hunted by a Xuanmen hunter. Chased across Shanghai, Si Teng flees for his life but escaping from relentless hunters proves impossible. In a cruel act of wrongdoing,

There he would have lived forever, had fate not chosen to intervene. Awakened by the unwitting actions of a young architect named Qin Fang, Si Teng finds himself in a strange new world. Confused by the fragmented memories in his head,

Si Teng insists that Qin Fang help him regain his memories, while at the same time helping him understand life in this modern age. Despite the rough start, Qin Fang finally agrees to Si Teng’s demands. With Qin Fang by his side, Si Teng learns what it means to live and love, but the fragmented memories of his past continue to torment him.

Determined to understand the mysteries of his past, Si Teng and Qin Fang continue to search for answers, their search bringing them closer and closer. But how long will their happiness last

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