Review of the Latest Android Game Identity V November-December 2018

Review of the Latest Android Game Identity V November-December 2018 – Hello, gamers friends, get ready to hunt and be hunted in the Identity V game that will stimulate your adrenaline because it’s time for you to join a tense party. Yes, the KotGa Crew presents an asymmetrical horror mobile game called Identity V.

This android game is made by NetEase which has created FortCraft and Rules of Survival. NetEase did not make this game itself but collaborated with Behavior Digital which brought Dead By Daylight gameplay to this game. Do you think this Dead by Daylight-inspired game is any good? Please read the review below then you will know the excitement.

In this game’s storyline, you will be immersed in an atmosphere of horror mixed with mysterious action with a gothic style and a very exciting game. You will be transported to the Victorian era in this game so that players feel like playing in that era.

Review of the Latest Android Game Identity V November-December 2018

To be clear, this game will not only be a battleground for 4 survivors against 1 hunter, but this game also has a story plot where there will be a detective looking for traces of the girl who disappeared. Well you can find terrible clues around the place.

What’s more, you can choose and play as different characters. This game gives players many choices of characters that can be played. Players can dress up the characters. You also have to be good at choosing characters that match your strategy in order to push the team to the top of victory.

So, according to what we talked about earlier, what makes Identity V fun to play? yes the answer is because you will get an extraordinary experience because you can choose to be a Hunter or a Survivior. If the Survivor you choose, you are required to cooperate with 3 other players and escape from the pursuit of cruel hunters, remember teamwork is crucial for your success in escaping from that place.

If you choose Hunter then you have a duty to catch the victims who work together to avoid you. You must be able to show the strength of a ruthless hunter. Well, the game is fun, actually, there are still many things that we need to explain, but it would be nice for you to try playing this game right away. You can get this game from Google Play with Android OS 4.1 or above.