Samsung Foldable Smartphone Prototype Design

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Prototype Design

Through news from Korea Soletan, which is the country where Samsung is produced, that Samsung is currently designing a smartphone that can be folded. Yes, this big technology company will soon develop a prototype of the smartphone. The company has ordered components to produce between 2000 and 300 units, according to reports from The Korea Herald and ETNews.

One of the sources who did not want to be named said that Samsung seems to be testing the device with two screens to gather ideas about the upcoming foldable smartphone.

Yes, indeed, since the production of foldable smartphones has attracted the attention of many consumers lately, companies have understood the demands and ideas of new user experiences through prototypes only. Yes, this is indeed part of Samsung Electronics’ efforts to introduce their foldable smartphone product as an ultra premium product.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Prototype Design

Rumors of Samsung working on a foldable or bendable smartphone have been circulating since the 2008s when the company showed off a device that combines two screens for the first time. Last year’s report also indicated that the South Korean tech giant is working on two smartphones that can be bent apart, one of which uses an OLED screen while the other will use a flexible screen that can be opened from 5 inches to 8 inches.

I don’t know if this Samsung rumor will make other brands imitate or maybe they are working on their latest smartphone with this folding screen design. And regarding the price, there is no clear news on how much this smartphone will be priced by each company considering that this smartphone uses sophisticated technology as well.

If we talk about prices, maybe Samsung will not give mediocre prices, so if we are interested in asking for this folding screen smartphone later, we may have to collect a lot of money, or we just need to know its sophistication without buying it. haha

Just pray that there will be a folding screen smartphone that is cheap, or indeed we can buy these expensive smartphones with unexpected sustenance. For now, we just have to wait for when this folding screen smartphone will be marketed.