Saving Tips for Buying Wifi ID Vouchers

Saving Tips for Buying Wifi ID Vouchers

Saving Tips for Buying Wifi ID Vouchers – Who would have thought that technological developments are now increasingly rapid, because there are now more and more smartphone users and the need for the internet is also increasing. Well.. To be able to use the internet access on our android phones, we must have a package or be connected to wifi in order to access the internet on our smartphones.

If you want to access the internet wherever you are, then you have to buy an internet package provided by the operator. However, the use of the internet package is limited to either the validity period or the quota depending on the terms of the internet package you purchased.

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If you want unlimited internet usage, then you should use the available wifi around us such as Wifi ID, for example, compared to having to repeatedly buy internet packages just because the internet package is only used to download a file. Remember that life must be frugal, friends.

To be able to use wifi such as Wifi ID, we are required to buy vouchers via credit or even by using money where the price of the voucher is very expensive. To be able to use and save our expenses at the same time.

It’s a good idea for you to do some of the following tips, where the guide I provide is a way to save money to use Wifi ID anywhere and anytime.

1. Register Wifi ID Seamless

For those of you wifi users from telkom, there is good news because you can buy a Wifi ID package for only 10 thousand rupiah per month.

So if you are a telkom wifi user, don’t miss this voucher because this voucher can be used anytime and anywhere.

The way to register is also quite easy, you just need to go to Telkom’s website, namely then you just follow the instructions given on the website.

2. Purchase a Wifi ID Permanent Voucher

If you are not an indihome user and want to buy a Wifi ID voucher at an affordable price, then this method is the most appropriate way for you.

Why is that? Because the Wifi ID voucher offered is a permanent Wifi ID voucher and I have used it, it’s good enough to save my pocket money and the money can be used for other things.

If you are hesitant to buy this type of Wifi ID voucher, then I suggest you to look for a voucher that has a warranty. To avoid things that are not desirable.

Oh yes, the price of this Wifi ID voucher varies in price from 50,000 – 100,000 thousands and make sure you use this voucher on an electronic device that you often use to access wifi, because this type of voucher can only be used on 1 device.

Enough of this article entitled Smart Ways to Use Wifi ID Around Us, and thank you for visiting this simple blog, I hope what I provide can be useful for all of you.