Review The Latest Money Game Site

review site alms 100 money game scam

Just found out Alms 100 dot com..? Ok, that’s okay because this site is still new and has only been running about 2 months ago. Initially, the admin found out from one of the members who promoted by commenting on one of the Online Sideline Facebook posts.

And of course this made the admin curious and wanted to find out immediately how the site actually works, even though in my heart the admin actually already guessed that this was just a money game.

And it turns out… 100% correct admin estimates, that this site is THE REAL MONEY GAME where all the income that may be obtained by members who have registered is derived from other member registration fees.

But as usual, the admin or manager also embellished it with nice slogans like “the miracle of sharing blessings with sincerity of Rp. 100 thousand can earn up to billions of rupiah“.

Even though the slogan above is actually not true and is not appropriate for use by money game sites like Alms 100, why is it not true? because the slogan says “sharing sincerely”, even though what is sincere is only hoping for the pleasure of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta A’la and not expecting the funds to be returned even from more people.

Even members who can invite many people to join and pay 100 thousand to this site can get income of up to Rp. 93,750,250,000 (Ninety Three Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Million Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Rupiah).

As well as other seductive sentences such as joining this program in order to pay off debts that are already a lot to the point of creating stress because they are being chased by debt collectors.

Is the site a scam?

What is clear is that this site is a money game site which is reprehensible for taking other people’s property in a bad way, and there are no transactions for selling goods or products here.

As to whether this is a scam or not, this depends on the development of the site. Usually when this site is first established there will be many who join as members, but when the members who join have started to desert the site will suddenly disappear within a period of 1 or a few months depending on the web hosting rental cycle that is carried out.

This is because the admin who manages it has lost no income while he has to pay the hosting fee for the site he manages.

How the Alms 100 site works

The way it works is that a member registers and pays a registration activation fee of 100 thousand, then he has to invite other people to join and register and if he doesn’t succeed in getting people to register and pay to the 100 thousand alms site then he will not get any income or commission. .

Example: Budi registers to the site, after registering he must transfer a total of 100 thousand which is divided into 4 other member bank accounts who are sponsors from level 1 to level 4 and also 1 managing bank account.

The nominal distribution for each transfer is as follows:

Transfer to sponsor level 1: IDR 35,940,-

to sponsor level 2: : Rp 15,940,-

to sponsor level 3: Rp 15,940,-

to sponsor level 4: Rp 15,940,-

and Transfer to MANAGEMENT : Rp 20,940,-


After it was very clear that the site only offers a money game system to earn money from the internet, the admin hopes that those of you who have read this article never join this despicable site.