Send Email in Gmail can be Scheduled, Here’s How

Send Email in Gmail can be scheduled sending time. This feature called Schedule Send is very useful for many things, one of which is if you don’t want to be seen working in the middle of the night or on weekends because you don’t want to disturb coworkers. You can set the time for sending emails in the morning during working hours.

In this way, work will be more productive without being impressed by using time outside of working hours to work.

Here’s how to use Gmail’s Schedule Send feature:

Via Web Browser

1. Access and login

2. To create a new email, click Compose

3. Click the up arrow (More send options) when sending an email, select Schedule Send

4. Select the date and time of sending the email, then click Schedule Send

Via Smartphone

1. Open the app Gmail

2. Tap + to create a new email

3. Tap the three dots on the top right

4. Select Schedule Delivery

5. Set the date and time, then tap Schedule Delivery

Cancel Schedule Send

Basically Schedule Send is a draft email that will be sent according to the time you set. Before that time, we can cancel the sending of the email or change the content of the email by accessing menu Schedule, then select Cancel Send.

Other Functions of Schedule Send in Gmail

1. Send an email with a different time zone. You can adjust the delivery time according to the recipient’s time zone so that the recipient gets the email at the right time.

2. As a reminder. You can send a Scheduled Email to your own email as a reminder, it functions like an alarm, but in the form of an email not a sound.

3. Send a happy birthday email. You can send a birthday greeting email to the recipient by simply entering the recipient’s birthday in Schedule Send.

4. Blast email, send email to many recipients at a given time.