Smooth Game Tweak Recommendation for 1GB Ram

Smooth Game Tweak For 1GB Ram

Android is an OS or operating system based on Linux, and is open source. Most mobile phones today use the Android OS in their products.

Of course there are many brands and brands of Android. Even now at a low price we can get quite a lot.

Good Android specs, for playing games, daily use, or just social media and watching YouTube

For those who still have an old Android with low-end specifications, don’t be sad, because if we slightly adjust or modify the Android system and then add it, then the adjustment of the phone that was slow can become very fast.

Improve performance and performance so that Android can run optimally

Note: I am not responsible for any damage, it is at your risk, and it is recommended to back up the ROM first.

Remember not to install many tweaks at once, as they will conflict with each other.

Terms and materials:

  • Android is already in ROOT state (every phone has a different installation method)
  • CWM or TWRP has been installed (installation method is different for every phone)
  • BusyBox installed (download)
  • Init.d is already active (download)
  • If everything is installed, you can download the following customizations and install them via CWM or TWRP. How to install:
  • Enter CWM or TWRP
  • Clear cache / Dalvik cache
  • Choose customization
  • Restart

Tweak Smooth Game CrossBreeder

CrossBreeder is a custom customization created by Fivefour in 2013. For this customization, if you need daily use or don’t need daily use like social media, YouTube or daily chat, this customization is perfect because it has Internet Customization to speed up the Internet, even if you are in 3G or 2G mode, you can also use it as an anti-lag game adjustment

Features offered:

  • Reduce lag on Android
  • Reduce wasted battery usage
  • Speed ​​up internet
  • Increase entropy
  • Speed ​​up battery charging
  • Speed ​​up battery charging
  • Automatic francom support
  • Ad block and much more

Smooth Game Tweak Pure Performance X

If you have been in the business of operating or customizing Android for a long time, you must be familiar with this customization. Undoubtedly, this adjustment made by Jeeko. This customization greatly improves the huge workload of Android, even the specs can be played smoothly. High-definition Game, but your android is quite low, so please try it, this adjustment is very suitable for games or commonly called games adjust android, and if you play games, the performance of the phone will be very good for adjusting high-definition games.



  • Android workload increased 360
  • Boost RAM performance
  • Customizable lightweight script engine
  • Graphics improvements
  • Reduce scanner scan time
  • Improved 3G and even 2G networks
  • Optimized SQLite database
  • Turn off unnecessary hardware
  • Increase your antutu score
  • Speed ​​up android startup
  • Suitable for base and CM
  • Boost the game without lag

Features on Graphics, screens, Images

  • Reduce screen brightness to save CPU performance
  • GPU will be disabled when android device is not in use
  • Sleep for each rom
  • Increase video entropy

Features on CPU, I/O

  • Increase frequency scale
  • Lighten CPU load and shift it to GPU
  • Activation of swap partition on android

Smooth Game Tweak Malive Boost

Regarding the customizations that have been discontinued or the developers have closed the customization project, unfortunately the continuation of this series of adjustments has been lost, but even so, we can still experience these adjustments, and highly recommended for those who want to go higher. Customizability People using the utility on the phone, or you need battery life and RAM optimization on the phone, try to customize this


  • Increase touch screen sensitivity
  • Consume less battery
  • Read and write small SD card
  • Wireless network upgrade
  • Custom system
  • Optimizing overall performance
  • Dedicated hosts
  • Improved photo and video rendering
  • Optimize all performance
  • Better network performance
  • Tweak Easy to uninstall
  • Make your Android faster

So, those are some of our recommendations for smooth tweaks so that Android users who are still using 1 GB of ram can run games more smoothly, hopefully it will be useful and thank you for visiting.