Stay Healthy at Home with Anlene

The pandemic is indeed a moment that changes everyone’s life, including me. Now I have to carry out activities at home, including WFH or work from home. At the beginning of the pandemic, I did try to take the positive side that a pandemic could be the right moment to restore a warm atmosphere at home. My closeness with my little one can be of better quality because I spend more time at home. However, after a while I also get tired of being at home all the time, you know!

The importance of doing exercise at home

After more than a year of the pandemic, I finally tried to adapt to these new conditions. Even though there are restrictions on activities outside the home, I still pay attention to self-care as a top priority. Moreover, the number of patients exposed to the corona virus who died is increasing, so I have to improve the physical and mental health of my family.

Not only doing work activities at home, I also invite my husband and children to do sports by paying attention to health protocols. Here are some ways to do sports at home that are safe and free from the risk of exposure to the corona virus, namely:

1. Doing exercise regularly

In order to maintain the health of myself and my family, I invite all family members at home to do light to moderate intensity exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

Just choose the type of exercise that is easiest to do at home such as gymnastics, jumping rope, yoga, and others. If you have a front or back yard, you should take your little one to play games that involve physical activity such as playing basketball, badminton or just jogging.

Running or jumping activities can make you physically stronger and ready to do daily activities well. I have proven that exercise in the morning can provide better physical and mental benefits.

2. Sports activities outside the home

Having a toddler who doesn’t understand about the pandemic condition is easy, really. Previously, I explained about the conditions and situation of the corona that hit Indonesia in children’s language that was easy to understand. Even so, I can still invite my children to do sports outside the house to get rid of fatigue and get rid of boredom while at home.

The first thing that must be considered when doing sports outside the home is to comply with applicable health rules. Always wear masks for both adults and children, do the safest sports such as jogging around the complex or just cycling. Avoid doing sports in public places that are prone to gatherings of many people so that the risk of exposure to the corona virus is greater.

3. Choose a sport that is safe and liked by children

For the time being, we really have to avoid public sports areas that are vulnerable to transmission of the corona virus. If anxiety still haunts, parents should not choose sports outside the home such as swimming in public swimming pools, public sports venues and so on. Choose the type of exercise at home or you can make the atmosphere of doing sports at home more enjoyable.

4. Always wash your hands before and after exercise

Invite your family to exercise regularly by washing hands before and after exercise, especially sports that are done outside the home. Wash your hands with soap and running water so that the corona virus does not stick to your hands or other body parts.

5. Keep an eye on a healthy lifestyle

It is very important for all parents to adopt a healthy lifestyle for themselves, their children or other family members. A healthy lifestyle is the key to successfully surviving and avoiding the risk of transmission of the corona virus which has turned into this frightening specter. Always invite children to sleep early, get enough and quality rest, drink water, eat nutritious food, and manage stress.

If you have a small garden at home, take time to enjoy your hobby of gardening or enjoy the fresh air in the morning. Doing yoga in the morning with a beautiful environment, clean air and serenity will help relieve stress. Managing stress is one of the most beneficial ways to increase immunity during this pandemic.

Exciting activity Webinar Launching Anlene Activit 3X and Anlene Gold 5X

To support a healthy lifestyle and the activities of a busy housewife, I always make it a habit to drink at least a glass of Anlene milk every day. Some time ago, I attended the Webinar Launching Anlene Activit 3X and Gold 5X which were really cool. Not only the excitement of the event that Tommy Prabowo brought as the moderator of the Webinar with Anlene this time, but the experience of undergoing virtual yoga.

Actually, I belong to the beginner category for yoga, but the knowledge provided by Amanda Tasning as an experienced yoga instructor. Now I understand more about body stretching and breathing techniques that are useful for beginners, including the elderly.

Eh, the Webinar with Anlene was also attended by one of my favorite retired badminton players, Ci Butet or Liliyana Natsir. Having received knowledge and experience that is beneficial for physical health, my heart is really happy. At least I can take part in Anlene’s Webinar via zoom which is fun and can relieve stress, instead of just staying at home, right?

I plan to give an Anlene Gold 5X milk package for Papa at home, while Anlene Activit 3X for myself and my husband. Papa, who often complains of sore joints and muscles, can return to having nutritional intake that helps his daily physical routine. Getting Papa to keep doing age-appropriate sports sounds fun, doesn’t it?

During the pandemic, I will invite the whole family to do yoga at home. Staying physically and mentally healthy is the most important thing nowadays. Thanks to the material delivered by the Webinar with Anlene yesterday, I understand how to do yoga techniques for beginners. Science that is very useful to support physical health and an active body even though age continues to grow.

Come on, do sports activities at home with the support of Anlene Activit 3X which contains high calcium for strong bones, collagen and vitamin C for joint flexibility as well as protein and vitamin B6 for better muscle energy! For parents at home, provide nutrition milk from Anlene Gold 5X which contains a source of potassium, vitamin B9, sugar-free milk and minimal cholesterol so that it is safe for the elderly to consume with the risk of degenerative diseases.

Anlene also provides free mobility checks at by taking the Anlene Movement Check Quiz, a simple tool specially developed to assess mobility by performing simple physical movements. Now this is one way to check the condition of our bones, joints and muscles. It’s so easy

For those of you who are interested in participating in the # JadiAtletDiRumah competition, visit the official IG @anlene_indonesia page now. Support Indonesian athletes competing in the Olympics by doing sports activities such as running, walking or jumping at home. Stay active in old age, why not? #ChooseMore #More Than Milk