Study Room Becomes My Mainstay for School Children

Ease of Online Learning with Animated Videos

The new academic year 2021/2022 will start in a week, but children are tired of studying at home. Seeing the increasing number of positive confirmed patients that continues to increase, of course the learning system will continue to be implemented online. Goodbye to the face-to-face education system because my area is in the red zone category. In order to support children’s education that is not hindered by the pandemic, I looked for more practical online tutoring information until I found Ruangstudi by Ruanggguru.

Interesting learning packages for grade 1-2 elementary school students

My little one will go to grade 2 this year, but I am not satisfied with the results of his study while at home. Since the first year of the pandemic, children have indeed undergone distance learning. Sometimes I help him with his homework, but most of the time it ends up being grumpy. It’s a bit difficult to explain the material to 1st grade elementary school children, especially since I’m a career woman who has to continue to carry out WFH activities.

After seeing advertisements and looking for complete information on the internet, I found an online learning application that was suitable for my little one. Yes, Ruanglearning by Ruangguru offers a very practical and easy learning system. I have tried several of the features offered before agreeing to take a study package for one odd semester at an affordable cost. When compared to conventional tutoring, Ruangguru has a cheaper price, you know!

I summarize the most interesting features for the academic and character development of elementary school children, namely Dafa and Lulu animations. Animated features that can explain a variety of material according to the curriculum for grade 1 and 2 elementary school children have several advantages, namely:

1. Can better understand the material according to the existing curriculum

The animated feature of Dafa and Lulu has a material learning system that is in accordance with the curriculum such as the KTSP or the 2013 Thematic Revised Curriculum. Anyway, children who have difficulty learning with the thematic system must try this Ruanglearning. The thematic curriculum program is different from the old elementary school education program, right! Don’t be surprised if it’s a bit difficult for me to keep up with studying the material for only 1st graders.

2. Material will always be updated

The advantage of this Ruanglearning feature is that the animated material will always be updated or updated. If there is a change in the curriculum from the government and the relevant Education Office, it is guaranteed that there is no need to be confused anymore. Everything has been well prepared by Ruangguru’s professional team.

3. Available on flexible Android

You don’t have to learn from a PC or laptop, it’s easier for children to learn from their parents’ or guardian’s cell phones. Want to learn anywhere and anytime, parents can still accompany or monitor their children’s learning progress during the pandemic.

4. Can provide enthusiasm for learning

Grades 1 and 2 of elementary school are more difficult to learn theory with writing or book modules only. Through animations featuring the adorable characters of Dafa and Lulu, children can be more active in learning and enthusiastic. It’s like watching an animated film, but there is a lot of material delivered through satisfying visuals. Are you sure you don’t want to try this interesting feature?

Talking about the features that Ruanglearning by Ruangguru has to offer, it’s really endless, especially for elementary school children like my son’s experience, right! The reason is, I am quite satisfied with the spirit of my little one who learns online with a direct tutor, consultation sessions on school assignments, I even get reports on the child’s learning progress. Even though I stay at home, I can still maintain the consistency of the children’s learning on a regular basis. Come on, upgrade the quality of online education by subscribing to learning packages at Ruangguru according to your individual needs!