HM Nurnas Salut, Tough Woman Leads the DPC of the Agam Democratic Party

Ade Ria (ist) AGAM–West Sumatra DPRD member HM Nurnas salute, Ade Ria, a member of the Agam Regency DPRD from the Democratic Party with the most votes, is the first woman in the ranks of the West Sumatran Democratic Party to be elected as Chair of the Agam Regency Democratic Party DPC for the […]

5 Ways to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error on Windows

If you encounter the DPC Watchdog Violation error or error in Windows 10, here are the steps you can take to fix it. Windows errors come and go and DPC Watchdog Violation is certainly one of them. If you’re experiencing the DPC Watchdog Violation error, here’s how to fix it. What is DPC Watchdog Violation […]