The Hunt (2019) : The Drama of Rebellion, Runaway and Betrayal

Falcon Pictures war cinema review Hunta drama film that bears the story of rebellion, escape, and betrayal. An Indonesian film based on the history of the struggle for independence, was re-released last year which was adapted from two novels by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, namely Human Earth and Hunt. Especially for the last title, I only […]

West Side Story (1961): Narration of the Musical Drama ‘Romeo and Juliet’

United Artists, MGM Pictures Cinema drama musical review film West Side Storya narrative drama based on the modern version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Julietstory drama theater West Side Story adapted into a musical. This film is rated as one of the formats live action with original, popular and phenomenal ideas. […]

Wolf (1994): A Somewhat Forgotten Werewolf Drama

Columbia Pictures Horror cinema review Wolfa drama film about a somewhat forgotten werewolf. If I’m honest, it’s rare to have themed films werewolf or a werewolf who is quite qualified from various aspects. Film Wolf directed by Mike Nichols, is one of those romantic horror drama films that seems to be overlooked and forgotten. Interestingly, […]

Somewhere in Time (1980): Romantic Drama in Time Travel

Universal Pictures Drama cinema, movie reviews Somewhere in Time romantic story in time travel. The concept of time travel apparently does not have to use a machine or a special tool. This can be done through a kind of hypnosis or belief that goes beyond the subconscious, it turns out to be able to be […]

Drama Terlambat Jemput Sekolah dan Bermain Air Pakai Imoo Watchphone Z5 For Kids

Drama Cita pergi ke sekolah, tapi telat dijemput ayah untung pakai jam tangan canggih imoo watch phone Z5, bisa telpon ayah pakai video call. Saat bermain air, jam ini juga tahan air, jadi tambah seru main di waterpark. Fitur Location nya juga keren, bisa mendeteksi GPS, jadi keberadaan Cita bisa diketahui dengan mudah di map. […]

Review and Watch Chinese Drama Rattan 2021 sub Indonesia

Chinese drama Rattan 2021, adapted from Wei Yu’s novel “Si Teng”. “Rattan” is a new Chinese fantasy drama that came out in early 2021. This drama tells the story of a girl Si Teng who is an alien. People were afraid of him and made the Xuan group sect. Sect head Xuan Qiu Shan fire […]