Unique Facts About Dreams When You Sleep 2021

Surely none of you has never dreamed. Dreams can be said to be a magical, unique, and very mysterious phenomenon of course. Have any of you ever been inspired to make something because you were inspired by a dream? It turns out, behind the mysteriousness and phenomenon of dreams during sleep, there are lots of […]

8 Best Mobile Apps To Track Your Dreams

Your dreams can often say a lot about you and where you are in your life. If you want to keep track of it, you’ll find plenty of mobile apps. Did you know that keeping a journal of your dreams can have a positive impact on your life when you wake up? A dream journal […]

Popular Novels Inspired by Dreams 2021

Everyone dreams, and most of our dreams are the result of the subconscious mind processing thoughts and feelings in everyday life. But often someone who is creative has a dream that can inspire them to create a great work. Here are 5 examples of famous novels inspired by the dreams of writers while they sleep. […]

These 5 Famous Movies Are Inspired by Dreams 2021

lifetimecreate.com – Everyone must have dreamed while sleeping. For many people, dreams are just a passing thing that you don’t have to think about when you wake up. But for some people, dreams can be a valuable source of ideas for creating films that will later invite admiration from those who watch them. Here are […]

Foreboding Dreams That Save Someone From Death 2021

Friends of strangedidunia.com, do you have an uncomfortable feeling in your heart when you are going to travel? this is often referred to as a hunch, a sign that sometimes comes suddenly and can come in various forms. Sometimes this premonition can come in the form of a faint image that comes in the blink […]


How to Control Dreams It should be realized, practicing this technique is not easy. It takes practice and experiment repeatedly. I had just succeeded once from dozens of attempts. The key is patience. 1. The first step, before practicing in bed, make it a habit to often ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” and while pinching […]