Telephone Number for Central Post Office and Helpdesk For Customer Complaints and Complaints

The post office always prioritizes customer satisfaction, for that in an effort to provide the best experience in using post office services, a telephone number and customer care or contact can be provided.

For post office customers who need assistance regarding post office products and services, please contact the following media:

1. Telephone No. Central Post Office or CALL Center HALOPOS

  • Phone Number : 161
  • The trick is to press Area Code + 161, for example a friend who is in Jakarta, then the area code is 021 then press on the phone or cellphone 021161
  • This number can be used to inquire about shipments and other problems regarding the post office

2. Social Media

Here are some official social media accounts that you can contact to complain about problems or customer complaints:

3. Live Chat on Web Pos Indonesia

  • Please visit Pos Indonesia Web:
  • Click the Helpdesk Logo (Picture of Customer Service Woman) at the bottom right of the browser and submit a complaint by Chat there.