The Cheapest By.U Topping Package Promo

By.U Topping Packages, Additional packages (Topping Packages) on the BY.U card are very cheap compared to other internet packages, because on the By.U card there are lots of cheap and interesting promos that you can try

for now, there are 3 additional packages for By U cards which are quite cheap, namely the YouTube Topping Package (YT), Instagram Topping Package (IG), and also a call package to all by.U numbers.

all of these packages are additional packages that you can buy, if you have a By U card, the Topping Promo package is suitable for your needs, for example your hobby, Instagram, you can buy a 3Gb Instagram Topping package for only 5K etc.

For more details about the topping package promo by.U, you can see the info

The Cheapest By.U Topping Package Promo

The Cheapest By.U Topping Package Promo

OnNet Call Topping Package

Additional package by U, for making calls to other By U numbers, you can call 720 hours at a price of 1000, active period for 30 days, for details below

  • Call Quota 43200 Minutes
  • Active Period 30 Days
  • Price IDR 1,000

This package is very suitable for frequent communication using the telephone. Supported by the Telkomsel network spread throughout Indonesia, this package is perfect for you to buy if you call often
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YouTube Topping Package

This additional package by U aket youtube is perfect for those of you who often stream on the youtube application and download videos on Youtube

  • YouTube Internet Quota 100GB
  • 24 Hours Active Period (1 Day)
  • Price IDR 10,000

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You can buy the 100GB Youtube Promo package for 10,000, during holidays or on weekends because the active period is only 24 hours.

Instagram Topping Pack

IG Topping Package (Instagram) who likes IG, likes to upload activities and upload ig photos can use this package, this package is perfect for girls who like IG

  • 3GB Instagram Internet Quota
  • Active Period 30 Days
  • Price IDR 5,000

Instagram topping packs have an active period of 30 days. and having a quota of 3GB at a price of Rp. 5,000 this package is already very cheap.

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The package can only be purchased and used for By U card users/customers only using the By U application, if you find another easy by.U Topping Package Promo, share it in the comments column below