The Easiest Way to Install ADB Fastboot on Windows

The Easiest Way to Install ADB Fastboot on Windows

When you want to start modifying your Android device, the basic tool you need is ADB Quick Start. In the following description, I will show you the detailed steps to install adb on your PC or laptop.

What is ADB?

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge, which is a tool designed to be an intermediary or bridge between a PC/laptop and an Android device. It will support various operations on available devices, such as installing and debugging applications, and provides Unix shell access, which can be used to run various commands on the emulator or connected device.

What is Fastboot?

Fastboot is a program or protocol that can be used to refresh Android / update Android OS.

Fastboot itself is a program with an Android SDK (software development kit) that can be used to install an operating system, and the Android SDK is also an alternative to recovery mode.

And on some types of android phones, the function of Fastboot is to flash the android partition, update firmware, delete data, perform recovery, and many other features, which are run through command prompt commands on your computer or laptop.

Settings on HP

1. Go to Settings

2. System

3. About phone

4. Continue to click 7 times on the build number. This activity aims to activate the menu on the developer options.

5. Then return to the system, and there will be a new menu that is, developer options.

6. Select open in developer options, then select open in USB debugging.

How to install ADB Fastboot on Windows

Method 1:

1. Use a USB cable to connect your phone to a PC or laptop

2. Download platform tools, including adb and fastboot.

3. After downloading the file, unzip the zip file. After that, please copy it to the Documents folder (to simplify the operation in this tutorial)

4. Open a command prompt in the window

5. Type

cd file platform tools

6. Type

adb.exe device

7. Done

Method 2:

1. Download the Windows platform tool, in which there is adb and fastboot.

2. After the file is downloaded, then extract the zip file. after success, please copy and copy to the Documents folder to make it easier to use in this tutorial.

3. This PC > right click > properties > advance system settings > environment variable > User variables > Path > Edit > New > C:UsersUsernameDocumentsplatform-tools

5. Fifth, open a command prompt and type

adb devices

6. Done.

Those are 2 ways to install adb fastboot on your computer or laptop, after you install adb fastboot, you can start repairing your android, hopefully the explanation of this article can be useful and thank you for visiting.