The Galaxy Note 20 S Pen Can Now Be Purchased Separately

The Galaxy Note 20 S Pen Can Now Be Purchased Separately


On the regular Galaxy Note 20 S Pen the latency rate is greater and is in the range of 23 milliseconds. While the previous generation is still on the Galaxy Series, the latency reaches 42 milliseconds. This means that the S Pen is more responsive when used on the screen. Feels like writing a drawing directly on paper. The following are the latest features of the S Pen Galaxy Note 20, namely:

1. Audiobookmark

Audio Bookmark is a feature that makes it easier for users to write down what they need while adding audio recordings. Audio bookmarks give time notes to voice notes. So when there are words that are missed, notes can be completed by playing back the recording.

2. Air Action Refinement

The Air Acton feature can now be used without touching the pen tip on the screen. It’s easy to just press and hold the button on the stylus while pointing the tip of the S Pen to the screen (without touching the screen), then the user can immediately perform some movements. Among them are gestures to navigate Home, Smart Select, Back, Smart Select, and Recents. For the Smart Select movement, its function is to capture screenshots in certain areas according to the part selected by the S Pen.

3. Remote function

Remote control or remote is one of the features that can be used to use the camera application, as well as media playback. So if you like to take selfies, you can because controlling the camera application can be done remotely. You do this by pressing the button on the S Pen. Gestures and buttons also function to perform content playback functions, can also be used for volume adjustment.

4. Folder and Auto Synchronized

Now there are features that work to tidy up notes. With this feature, users will find it easier to find notes that have been made based on the created folder. Other features from the previous generation are also retained, such as text changed from handwriting, screen off memo used for note shortcuts, file converter to PDF, word, and PPT.

Price of S Pen Galaxy Note 20

The existence of this S Pen can not be denied makes the convenience more real. But with this small S Pen, it could be lost due to carelessness, forgetting to put it or falling. But No need to worry because currently Samsung is selling the Stylus Pen Galaxy Note 20 series for IDR 600 thousand.

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