The Latest Android Game Review September 2018 Enters Pak Eko

The Latest Android Game Review September 2018 Enters Pak Eko

The Latest Android Game Review September 2018 Enters Pak Eko – The hashtag #enterpakeko went viral because it started with a viral video of a policeman named Hari Cahyono demonstrating his skill in throwing knives accurately. When the knife was stuck there were screams from the children who said come in, Pak Eko. Since the video was spread, Mr. Eko’s words have become increasingly popular. Some young people also make parodies or funny videos with the words entered by Pak Eko.

Following the hectic hashtag, android game developers are also creative in making a game, namely a game of throwing a knife by a police officer. This mini game is certainly made by an Indonesian depelover with its own excitement that you can feel when playing it. There is a player, namely the police with the name tag Eko.

The Latest Android Game Review September 2018 Enters Pak Eko

When playing this game you can try to replace objects to be thrown either from knives, scissors or screwdrivers. To replace the thrown object you have to buy it with coins which can be obtained first by throwing the knife object and completing the levels. Of course, each object has a different level of difficulty.

The game play of this game is also very simple, it doesn’t take you long to learn this game because you only need to throw objects and stick them into wooden objects without being blocked by other objects with 7 chances. Every time you finish you will proceed to the next stage. At the next stage you will get more coins but more barrier objects are certainly very difficult.

Of all the fun or excitement of the game, what is no less exciting is the sound of this game which uses the sound from Eko’s viral video. Yes, you will hear the voices of children saying the word “Enter Pak Eko” and don’t forget to include the distinctive voice of Pak Eko himself.

But unfortunately some netizens criticized the game a little because the gameplay is very similar to other games, for example the Knife Hit game. Netizens are quite questioning from the side to the originality of this game even though this game itself has received the approval of Mr. Eko.

Not only the criticism that was received, it turned out that some netizens also thought this was normal and even the excitement of the game with the backsound entered by Mr. Eko made them entertained regardless of whether this game was plagiarized or not. Then how about you, have you tried this game? if not immediately install on your smartphone and play the game immediately. Hope you are entertained.