The Meaning of the Proverb of the Great Peg Than the Pole and Examples

The Meaning of the Proverb The Great Peg Than the Pole Proverb is a collection of words or a sentence that has a purpose and is to give a certain meaning about the nature of a person, a person’s condition, actions, or something that happens. Proverbs are usually conveyed in proverbs, parables, parables, expressions, and imagery. The use of proverbs is very popular among writers and wise men. By some motivators, proverbs are used to give implicit intent or meaning to the listener.

In everyday life there are various types of proverbs that are used to express the meaning of something or someone’s character, such as the size of a peg rather than a pole, water rippling not deep, a dead elephant leaving the tusks of a dead tiger leaving stripes, an empty barrel making a loud sound, falling on a ladder. , and so forth. Each proverb has a different meaning and meaning from one another. The maxim of the stake rather than the pillar has the meaning of an expression that reveals about a person’s condition. Usually the context discussed is economic conditions, but in some cases the use of this proverb is also often juxtaposed with the needs of human life.

The Meaning of the Proverb The Big Peg Instead of the Pole

In the context of education, the use of proverbs as learning materials is very popular at various levels of education such as SMK, SMA, and SMP. Not only used as learning material, but proverbs are also often used as exam questions. With this example, the teacher should be able to offer clarification to students how to interpret each proverb. Generally, proverbs lead a person to be more mature and wise. therefore it is very important to be able to interpret the meaning of every proverb in life.

The Meaning of the Proverb The Great Peg Than the Pole

After previously discussing the meaning of the proverb, the water ripples, the sign is not deep, this time we will discuss the meaning and examples of the proverb big pegs rather than pillars.


The proverb “big stakes rather than poles” is generally used to express a person’s economic condition which shows that spending money is greater than the income of the money so that it is likened to a bigger peg than a pillar in a building.

From the above statement we can conclude that the meaning of the proverb bigger pegs than poles have meaning “more expenses than income”.

The stake is an expense and the stake is income so that it is likened to that. It is conceivable that if in a building the stake has a larger size than the pole that supports it, then the pole will have no effect on supporting the stake because the weight and size of the stake is greater than the pole so that the building will collapse.

Example in a sentence

Examples of the use of the proverb greater than the stake in a sentence are actually very numerous if you look for it in various sources on the internet. however I will try to offer an example as well.

Gina’s mother is a person who is loyal to money, she is a wealthy person, has a luxurious house, a luxury car, and lives an affluent life even though she does not work. Gina’s husband is the administrator of a well-known private company in DKI Jakarta. This husband and wife pair always shop extra every time Gina’s father gets an honorarium on the 22nd of each month. But one day, the company managed by Mr. Gina suffered such a huge loss that the company went bankrupt leaving Mr. Gina without another job. Now the life of Mr. Gina and Mrs. Gina is not the same as before. they don’t have a lot of money and a lot of options like they used to. However, because she is used to living in luxury, Gina’s mother always spends money every month by buying glamorous clothes and extras even though her husband is no longer working and has no income at all.

The nature of Gina’s mother is a trait that wastes money even though her husband is no longer working, resulting in Gina’s mother’s economic condition being like a peg rather than a pole.

A few articles about the meaning of the proverb big stake than the pillar that I can convey. Remember that we are forbidden to fake a loyal and extravagant attitude even if our financial situation is good though. Thank you