The Most Advanced Android Application That You Must Have

The Most Advanced Android Application That You Must Have


Android applications are getting here the more sophisticated the technology is. Smartphones whose operating system is Android are very mandatory to usedownloadthe most advanced and cool application.

android app which state-of-the-art it certainly has many uses. There are those that can save battery power, block someone’s number, and more. Here are four advanced applications that you must usedownload on device You.

1. DU Battery Saver (Save Battery)

Advanced android app This is useful for saving your smartphone battery. In addition to saving battery, this application can also save quota, you know. This application has been widely used by android users, even its users have touched the 500 million mark.

This DU Battery Saver application has a very simple way of working simplethat is, you only need to touch the optimize button, then any power-draining application will stop instantly.

2. Truecaller (Block Phone Calls)

The most advanced android application This one helps the security function of your smartphone by blocking phone numbers that are indicated to be fraudulent or other dangerous things. The Truecaller application will greatly protect your smartphone from phone calls from unwanted numbers.

3. Gravity Screen (Opens Screen without Touch)

This sophisticated application has really cool benefits because this application is an application that can bring life to life devicewithout touching the button. This application is certainly very useful for those of you who have a smartphone power buttonit has been damaged.

4. Google Datally (Save Internet Quota)

Google Datally is the most advanced android application that is very beneficial for those of you who often run out of quota. This application can save your internet quota by managing your smartphone internet usage.

The memory that must be given up todownload This application is also very small, which is only 5 mb just. For those of you who often run out of quota, there’s no harm in trying to install this advanced android application.

Well, that’s the most advanced android application that must be owned by android users. Maximize the function of your android by installing the applications above or if you need the functionality of one of the applications above, do not hesitate to install the applications above yes!

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