Tips and How to Overcome Android Battery Can’t Full 100%

Well, as we know, Android is an operating system that is classified as very extravagant. How not, the article is unconsciously many users who install background applications that are not visible but still reduce the battery slowly.

Actually, to solve this problem, people usually use a power bank as a backup power for their battery. So, when the battery is about to run out, just use a power bank. Very practical. However, continuous use of a power bank is not good for your battery because usually the current that flows is not always stable.

Even so, a power bank is just an alternative to the problem, not a solution. For that you should keep looking for the best solution to deal with your Android cellphone battery that can’t be 100% full. There are several tips and ways you can do to overcome the cellphone battery that cannot be full. see the following explanation.

Non-Original Charger

In order for your cellphone battery to last longer, you should use the default charger, because it can charge your cellphone battery effectively, and the default charger can adjust the capacity of the electric current that flows to the capacity of the electric current required by the battery. And it can also minimize the mismatch of the electric current received can cause a decrease in the quality of the battery and even damage it.

Replace USB Cable

Try to check whether you have connected the USB cable correctly or not. Because the cause of the battery can’t be fully charged maybe because the USB port on your Android cellphone is damaged. Therefore, try not to damage your usb cable. In addition, make sure the port on the smartphone and the USB cable are clean and free of dust.

Replace your cellphone battery

Usually another cause of a battery that cannot be fully charged when it is charged is because the cellphone battery is already damaged. The solution is to replace the cellphone battery with a new or good battery. The characteristics of a damaged battery will generally look bloated.

Custom Rom Not Appropriate

Make sure you install the correct custom rom, because one of the causes of your battery not being fully charged when charging is that the custom ROM you are using is not appropriate. What is custom rom?

So, Custom ROM is an android smartphone firmware that was developed and released unofficially by a developer that offers new looks and features to improve performance. In short, custom ROMs are used to improve the performance of Android phones. For those of you who are interested in installing a custom rom, you can listen to 6 Important Things Before Installing a Custom Rom on Android

Update or Downgrade Android OS

The given Android OS update will usually fix bugs but it is also possible that it will even cause new bugs that befall your smartphone. One of them is a battery problem, if the cellphone battery is not fully charged after updating, do a downgrade or vice versa.

Check Charger Speed

To check it you can use the Ampere application, this application can show us the performance of the charger when charging. Download the application on the Play store then charge your cellphone. Later Ampere will display statistics from the charger.

Turn Off And Reboot Your Android Phone

One solution to overcome the cellphone battery that can’t be full is to reboot the Android cellphone. Turn off your cellphone then remove the battery, SIM card and MicroSD. Leave it for a few seconds then plug it in and turn it on again.

Factory Reset Android Phone

Factory reset is often used when the Android phone is having problems such as hangs or errors. For those who don’t know, so a factory reset means returning the smartphone settings to the initial settings or factory settings. Well, before doing a factory reset, you should back up your data.

Well, that’s some Tips and Ways to Overcome Android Battery Can’t Fully 100%, hopefully it’s useful and thank you for visiting this blog.