Tips for Changing the Battery on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Tips for Changing the Battery on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Tips for Replacing the Battery on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro – For those of you users of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro smartphone, you want to replace the battery because the battery on your smartphone has started to waste and it doesn’t even take long to charge it to full 100% but it doesn’t take long for the battery to run out. Thus, you should replace the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro battery.

Unfortunately, replacing the battery is not as easy as replacing the battery on old-school smartphones because the latest smartphones are currently equipped with a built-in battery, so to replace it you have to be really careful when removing it and before that you have to remove the smartphone LCD before you can remove the battery. You do need some tools to make it easier to remove the LCD and the new battery. And on this occasion we will try to give tips on how to remove the battery and replace your new Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro battery.

But if you are hesitant to follow our tips, it’s better not to do it, friend, it will be damaged by others. To do this, you really have to be careful especially when removing the LCD because there is a strong adhesive glue and you have to remove the flexible. Well, you are sure and able, let’s try to see the review below.

Oh yes, before removing this battery, we will show you the battery specifications first.

  • Model : EB-BA720ABE
  • Voltage :3.85V
  • Capacity: 3600 mAh
  • Original battery price: IDR 300,000

Furthermore, to replace this battery, you also have to replace the battery glue and LCD glue because they have to be removed and replaced again. There is a special glue or you can use a double tip. Prepare in advance the equipment such as: Sim card tray ejector, special screwdriver, Hair Dryer, Guitar Pick, Spudger, Tweezers, Metal Scraper and plastic cards such as ATM or ID cards. Now if you have everything prepared, let’s get straight to the heart of the problem, which is replacing the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro battery.

  • Please turn off your samrtphone and it’s really dead
  • Remove the sim card (with ejector and sd card
  • The next step, let’s remove the LCD, friend. Remember, you need to be careful. Heat the edges of the LCD with a Hair Dryer to remove the LCD adhesive. Preheat about 80 degrees for 5 minutes.
  • When finished heating, pry on the edges of the LCD and then comb the edges until you get to the center of the LCD. Use a guitar pick and a plastic card to remove it from the glue that is attached to the center frame. Be careful not to lift it immediately because there is a flexible that must be removed first.
  • Remove the LCD flexible connector with a spudger or metal scraper. Next, separate the LCD from the body.
  • Next you have to remove the 17 screws with a special screwdriver and then remove the motherboard
  • Please comb from the back of the battery to open the battery because the battery is still attached to the middle frame.
  • After removing it, replace it immediately, don’t forget to replace the battery glue with a new one
  • Next, install the LCD and replace the new glue from the LCD
  • Finished

That’s the way that for those of you who are laymen it will feel complicated and difficult, but for those who are used to it, let alone have complete equipment, it won’t be complicated and complicated. Oh yes, if you are still timid or don’t understand, you can see the tutorial on YouTube, because someone has already shared how to do it. May be useful