Tips for Choosing Laptops for Students 2021

Tips for Choosing Laptops for Students 2021


Laptops are an urgent need for students to support smooth learning activities on campus. A high-spec laptop will certainly make it easier for students to do assignments. Actually, there are many choices of laptops that can be used for online college students, but sometimes some students need special specifications to support their online lecture activities. Well, this time the admin will share tips on choosing a laptop for students, namely:

Pay attention to the principles of choosing a laptop for students 2020

In supporting college activities, it is often confused to choose a laptop with special specifications. You may consider the principle of choosing a laptop for 2020 students. Considering the software used often requires high specifications.

1. Choose the CPU and memory according to the required software

Laptops chosen by students with adequate software considerations for college purposes. Like saint students usually use laptops to make reports, complex calculations, and operate software such as CAD.

In doing the task sometimes requires Excel to process data and create graphs. Then use Word to type the report or use PowerPoint during a presentation. So the software performance is not optimal. In essence, choose Core i3 and i5 4 GB of memory to support smooth operation.

2. Choose a high-end battery

Batteries often don’t last long during lectures, choose a laptop for 2020 students measuring 13 inches to 15 inches. Laptops of that size are easy to carry and the battery can last from 7 hours to 14 hours.

3. Choose an HDMI Laptop for Presentations

One of the lecture activities is presenting assignments. To support the presentation, you need a laptop equipped with an HDMI terminal so you can use an external monitor. Using HDMI, the laptop is quite compatible with most projectors.

4. Choose Size According to Usage Needs

If you often carry a laptop in lectures, of course, laptops for 2020 students must be compact and small in size. However, small laptops do not support the operation of certain software. For this reason, the size of the laptop you choose depends on the goals and needs of each.

For writing and calculations, choose a lightweight 13.3-inch laptop. Laptop size 13.3 inches equivalent to B5 paper, so for typing and calculating more than enough. Then, size 15.6 inches for CAD and programming with full HD will work more efficiently.

Well, these are the principles that must be considered when choosing a laptop for 2020 students to facilitate and expedite lecture activities.