Tips for Fixing Samsung Cellphones Difficult to Enter Recovery Mode

Tips for Fixing Samsung Cellphones Difficult to Enter Recovery Mode

Tips for Fixing Samsung Cellphones Difficult to Enter Recovery Mode – Are you currently having trouble entering the Recovery Mode menu from your Samsung cellphone? Yes, the need to enter the Recovery Mode menu is certainly very desired by the user if he wants to make repairs from his Samsung cellphone. Recovery Mode, which we know as a system to refresh or to install on Samsung cellphones, this error is indeed not too important for ordinary people, but if our cellphones have an error, maybe one day we will need Recovery Mode to fix it.

Then how to access it? to access it usually the power button and home button must be pressed simultaneously but it still depends on the brand and type of cellphone because there are also those who use the volume buttons. Indeed, the problem here is that users have followed the method but the Samsung cellphone still does not want to enter the Recovery Mode menu. And this is indeed quite confusing.

For this problem, there may be many factors, friend. However, there are three factors that are most likely to occur in our opinion. Here are three factors why you don’t enter the Recovery Mode menu on your Samsung cellphone.

Tips for Fixing Samsung Cellphones Difficult to Enter Recovery Mode

1. As we mentioned above, maybe you didn’t press the right button for your brand and type. Our advice is to look in several articles related to flashing according to your cellphone, then later there will be a way to enter the Recovery Mode menu according to your cellphone. And also make sure you press the button at the same time, the point is not to precede one of them, try to press it at the same time.

2. The second factor, there may be a system error that we cannot explain because we still consider it a possibility. So our advice is to try turning off the cellphone, removing the battery and simcard and memory, wait a few moments and then repeat again pressing the button to go to Recovery Mode earlier.

3. Hardware damage from the power button, volume or home button. The point is no matter how hard you press, and following the instructions, if one of the buttons is damaged, it’s useless, friend. So make sure your flexible power, volume and home buttons are not problematic. You can check it yourself.

Well, these three possibilities could happen. But to minimize it you can try other ways to enter the Recovery Mode menu, for example using applications such as Quick Boot. You just have to install and run the application and there will be a command to enter the Recovery menu. In addition, you can also use ADB Mode, there are many ways on the internet. You should also try using a third-party USB JIG and re-flash to lure the system into the Recovery Mode menu.

Maybe that’s all, friend, our review of tips for fixing Samsung cellphones is difficult to enter Recovery Mode. Hopefully this review is useful and our last suggestion if you are still having trouble getting into the Recovery Mode menu maybe you need to take it to a cellphone service center.