Tips for Making a Good and Durable Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fences are often found in suburban areas or in rural areas. Bamboo fences are not as expensive to manufacture as wooden fences. Because the price of bamboo is also cheaper than the price of wood, which is increasingly rare in number. Although the cost is quite cheap, bamboo fences are able to look artistic, natural and durable.

Bamboo fence panels

Selecting and preparing bamboo to make it durable and long lasting

#1. Get to know first three types of bamboo that are widely used in buildings that is :

Smell bamboo. The diameter can reach 3 cm to 7 cm and a length of about 12 meters. Apus bamboo is often used on; roof trusses, bridges, animal cages, fences etc.

Wulung bamboo, commonly found in ; roof truss, fence, flagpole etc. This bamboo has a diameter of between 5 cm to 12 cm and a length of up to 18 meters.

Petung bamboo which has the largest diameter, ranging from 8 inches to 10 inches. And the length can reach 10 feet more with a trunk thickness of up to 20 mm. This type of bamboo is often used for poles or supports.

#2. Choose strong bamboo

Strong bamboo must be old enough. Do not use young bamboo, because it breaks easily and is susceptible to termites. We recommend that you choose bamboo that has undergone a preservation process. So that the bamboo is resistant to insects or termites. Moreover, extreme weather changes will greatly affect the resilience of bamboo fences.

#3. How to make bamboo durable and long lasting

– The traditional way is to soak the bamboo in water for about 3 to 6 months. The goal is to dissolve the sap. Furthermore, the bamboo is dried until ready for use takes about 2 weeks.

– Using chemicals that are widely sold in the market, such as used oil or kerosene. By inserting the chemical liquid into a bamboo stem that has been perforated before.

#4. Apply a coat of paint or varnish

In addition to making bamboo more durable and long lasting, paint and polish can also provide attractive colors. Stay adjusted to the shades of color in the surrounding environment. In general, the polish gives a more prominent natural impression on the bamboo fence.

#5. Nice bamboo fence design

Various designs of bamboo fences found on social media can be used as inspiration. From the minimalist model of bamboo fences, Japanese-style bamboo fences, bamboo panels etc. For example like in this video.